Why Is My Vizio TV So Slow? (Troubleshooting Tips)

Vizio products have gained fame over the years because of their affordability. Vizio TVs, for instance, have quality features compared to TVs from other brands in the same price range. However, not everything about Vizio TVs is pleasurable.

The TVs often malfunction, presenting stubborn problems, especially after Vizio rolls out system updates. Other problems manifest themselves after you use the TV for a while and greatly impact the user’s experience. One such problem is that the TV might seem slow or unresponsive when interacting with the Menu or when streaming content from platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube

Why Is My Vizio TV So Slow


The latest VIZIO TVs rely heavily on their SmartCast OS, which is cloud-based and requires a good internet connection. So, the first thing you need to check is your internet speed and connection quality. 

If the connection quality and speed are satisfying, check the SmartCast status. If there’s a temporary outage or if VIZIO performs server maintenance, you may experience some issues. You should be able to find this information on VIZIO’s official webpage or Twitter account. Or you could contact VIZIO support.

Your TV may be slow because of a particular app. If so, troubleshoot that specific app.

The remote could be the culprit – troubleshoot your remote. If it’s broken, try using the SmartCast app. 

Reboot the TV.

Disconnect all external devices. If the TV behaves normally after disconnecting all devices, the chances are – one device is causing the issue. Reconnect them one by one. Check your TV after connecting each device. 

Check for firmware updates.

Reset your TV to factory default settings.

Contact VIZIO support.

What Makes My VIZIO TV So Slow?

Various aspects can result in your Vizio TV being slow. The most common one is a slow or poor internet connection. When streaming content online, you might realize that the video keeps freezing or lagging, indicating that you need to troubleshoot the internet connection.

Outdated firmware can also make the TV seem unresponsive or respond several seconds after you press the remote. Vizio TVs automatically download and install updates, which can be challenging when the TV does not have a reliable internet connection. 

Sometimes it is not the TV that is slow but a specific app on the TV. In such instances, you should troubleshoot that specific app and check whether other users are experiencing the same issue. 

Some picture and audio-related settings can also malfunction and make the TV slow. Also, a bug in the TV’s firmware can be the issue. 

The causes for a slow Vizio TV are numerous, but there are some solutions you can try to get the TV working as usual. The troubleshooting measures are:

Check Your Internet Connection

You can check the Internet speeds via any device that has a browser and is connected to the same network as the TV. Launch the browser and visit any internet speed testing website like speedtest.net or fast.com and run the speed test. 

The required internet speeds for seamless streaming of standard quality are 5 to 10Mbps, which might vary depending on the streaming platform and content being streamed. 

Should the download speeds from the speed test be below 5Mbps or below what you pay, your ISP for that indicates that the Internet could be the problem. 

Vizio TVs heavily rely on the Internet for normal functioning. For instance, the Smartcast platform is server-based, requiring a stable internet connection to work properly.

Therefore, you should ensure that the router is as close as possible to the TV and there are no thick obstacles like walls between the TV and router to ensure the TV has a strong wireless connection. 

If you have a dual-band router that broadcasts a 5GHz signal, connect the TV to this signal as it is faster than the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks (assuming that your TV supports 5GHz connections). 

Alternatively, you can switch to using an Ethernet cable instead of wirelessly connecting the TV to the Internet. 

Also, ensure that multiple devices do not overload the router. You can disconnect some devices from the Internet and observe whether the TV has stopped slowing. 

A slow Internet connection will also affect how TV apps work, which can present itself as the TV being extremely slow. 

Is Smartcast Having Issues?

Smartcast is server-based, which is not necessarily bad as it allows Vizio to issue users new features and apps, even for older TV models. In comparison, other brands that store the firmware in the TV issue firmware updates for a few years and then stop since the TV no longer has the hardware to support new features and versions of apps. 

Unfortunately, being server-based means the platform can have problems affecting multiple users. So, you should check on Vizio-related platforms for information on whether Smartcast is down hence why it is slow. 

You can see what other users post on social media platforms like Reddit or Twitter or contact Vizio’s customer support to inquire if there are any problems with Smartcast. 

Official VIZIO Twitter Account

Image Source – Official VIZIO Twitter Account

If there is information about the platform being down, you can only wait for Vizio to solve the issue from their end. Or you can use a streaming device like a Roku stick or Chromecast dongle to continue using the TV

If you choose to use a streaming device, remember to disconnect the TV from the Internet to prevent further complications. 

Try These Streaming Devices as SmartCast Alternatives

Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV

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Roku Streaming Stick 4K

Roku Streaming Stick 4K

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Is the Problem Isolated to a Particular App?

You should also check whether the TV lags when you are on a specific platform or if the lagging is system-wide. You can do this by launching different streaming apps on the TV. 

If the TV only lags when on Netflix or Hulu, for instance, you should troubleshoot that specific app, and if the issue persists, you can restart the TV or Reset it in case of more severe issues. 

VIZIO TV – Troubleshooting the NETFLIX App

You can also troubleshoot Smartcast if the TV is slow when you are on the Smartcast platform.

Power Cycle the TV

A system restart solves most of the issues faced by Vizio TV owners. If the TV has been on for a while, it is bound to lag due to prolonged usage. The TV could also be slow because it has yet to install downloaded system updates fully. Sometimes the TVs also have mild bugs that hinder their normal functioning.

All the above issues can be solved by restarting the TV, as it can shut down all system processes and set them up afresh. A restart will also enable the TV to finish installing any pending system updates that could be causing it to be slow. 

You can soft power cycle the TV by pressing the Menu button on the remote and navigating to Admin & Privacy (or Reset & Admin) > Soft power cycle (or Reboot TV).

Restarting VIZIO TV

Restarting VIZIO TV (different TV Models)

Alternatively, restart the TV by pressing the power button on the TV or remote, then unplug the TV from the power outlet. 

Then, press and hold the power button on the TV for thirty to sixty seconds to release any residual power. Finally, reconnect the TV to the power outlet and switch it on to observe whether it is still slow. 

Troubleshoot the Remote

Another possible issue is that the remote either has worn-out batteries or has a mild malfunction that can easily be solved. You can use the buttons on the TV like the Input and volume buttons to determine whether the issue is with the remote. 

If the buttons on the TV are responsive in real-time, then the remote is likely defective or has worn-out batteries. 

Therefore, swap the batteries for new ones if you suspect the current ones as defective or worn out. 

You can also power cycle the remote by removing the batteries and then pressing and holding the remote’s power button for thirty to sixty seconds to discharge any residual power. 

Next, press every key on the remote repeatedly three to five times, return the batteries to the remote, and check whether the TV is faster. 

Troubleshooting VIZIO TV Remote

If the problem is with the remote, you can use your phone and the Smartcast app to control the TV or purchase a universal remote. 

VIZIO TV Replacement Remotes

Voice Remote (XRT260)

Voice Remote (XRT260)

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SmartCast TV Remote (XRT140)

SmartCast TV Remote (XRT140)

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Disconnect Devices Connected to the TV

External devices like DVD players, gaming consoles, and soundbars could also slow the TV. 

External devices

You can solve this by disconnecting all peripheral gadgets connected to the TV and waiting for at least a minute before reconnecting them. 

When reconnecting them, start by connecting the most necessary gadgets first and observe if they affect how the TV works. That way, you can find any device that negatively affects how the TV functions. 

Also, ensure that all cables, including power cables, are appropriately connected, in good condition and that their ports are clean.

Ensure the TV is Using the Latest Firmware

Outdated TV firmware can also cause the TV to be sluggish, especially if the TV has been disconnected from the Internet for a while. 

Firmware updates are also meant to solve widespread problems, and if you are lucky, one of those problems could be a slow system. 

You can check if there are any available firmware updates by following these steps:

  • Press the Menu key on the remote.
  • Navigate to System (or Admin & Privacy), select Check for Updates, and press OK.

Check for Updates

  • The TV will prompt you to confirm the download if any updates are available. 

Updating VIZIO Smart TV (Older Models)

Factory Reset the TV

If all solutions mentioned here do not work, you should reset the TV to restore the default settings. This will erase any settings that may be causing the TV to seem slow.

A factory reset should be the last consideration, as it will erase all accounts registered on the TV and Wi-Fi passwords of previously connected networks. 

You can reset the TV through the following steps:

  • Press the Menu button on the remote and navigate to System.
  • Then select Reset & Admin> Reset to Factory defaults.

Reset to Factory defaults

  • Enter the administration PIN, highlight Reset and press OK.
  • Wait as the TV clears all customized settings and restarts.

Contact Vizio

If the TV still seems slow, the next alternative is to contact Vizio’s customer support and notify them of all the troubleshooting measures you have already tried. They will then suggest more troubleshooting tips, and if they do not work, they will send a technician to your home or give you advice on the best process to follow to redeem your warranty. 


Vizio TVs are among the best low-budget TVs you can get; however, they will also have some issues, such as the TV slowing down over time. Such issues occur because the manufacturer strives to keep the cost of production as low as possible, which results in the TV having low-quality components that easily wear out or frequently malfunction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I stop my Vizio TV from freezing?

Answer: You can stop your Vizio TV from freezing by ensuring it has the latest firmware and a stable internet connection. These two aspects are among the leading causes that freeze TV. 

You can restart the TV as a primary troubleshooting measure if the TV is frozen. 

Question: How do you reboot a Vizio TV?

Answer: You can reboot or restart a Vizio TV using the Menu options. Press the Menu button on the remote and navigate to Admin & Privacy (or Reset & Admin) > Soft power cycle (or Reboot TV).

You can also restart it by unplugging the TV from the power outlet, then plugging it back in and pressing the power button on the remote or TV.


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