Vizio TV Apps Not Working (Try These Easy Fixes)

Smart TVs are a great innovation that brings the world to the living room. People can watch content from across the globe thanks to streaming services like Hulu, YouTube TV, and Disney+. A TV with a quality display is key to enjoying such content because the clearer the image is, the more natural it feels. Vizio has ensured its consumers get affordable TVs that can satisfy such demands and leave the viewer fulfilled. 

Despite the effort made by Vizio to be an icon when it comes to TV, their televisions have some drawbacks. One such drawback is that some or all of the apps stop working, and you have no clue why. Keep reading as we look into why this happens and how you can solve it. 

Vizio TV Apps Not Working


Check your internet connection. Forget the network and reconnect. Try using an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi. Check your internet speeds.

Refresh SmartCast by switching your OS/Menu language. Then, switch back to your original language. 

Restart your TV. Restart your network equipment (modem and router). 

Google the error code.

Check if the SmartCast service is down.

Try switching between inputs.

Check for firmware updates. 

Reset your TV to factory settings.

Why Are Apps Not Working on My Vizio TV?

Vizio TVs use a proprietary platform called Smartcast. It houses multiple streaming apps managed by Vizio, meaning you cannot add or remove them. The apps can stop working because of a variety of reasons. It could be because of an issue with the television or a problem with your network. Either way, you can narrow the problem down by trying different troubleshooting tips. 

The apps can stop working if the TV’s firmware has a bug or fails to start correctly. It can also be because of settings that hinder internet connectivity or the general operation of the TV. A poor internet connection is also a possible cause considering most of the apps on Vizio TVs require the internet. 

The suggestions below will help you get your TV up and running. 

Check Your Internet Connection

Most applications like Netflix and Hulu use the internet to stream content and even function on your TV. Therefore, a strong and stable connection is vital for the smooth operation of the apps on your TV

You can test your internet connection using Vizio’s network test feature that comes with their smart televisions. 

You can access it by navigating Menu > Network > Test Connection. After the TV is done testing the connection, it will display the network name, type, and download speeds. 

Test Connection

If it does not show the download speeds or you are disconnected, check to see if you are indeed connected or switch to using an Ethernet connection

Or you can forget the wireless network and reconnect to your Wi-Fi by navigating Menu > Network. 

Then select your preferred network from those displayed, enter the password and select Connect. Forget a network by highlighting the connected network, then OK > Forget


You can also test your connection through sites like and Simply launch a web browser on a device connected to the same network as your TV and visit any of those sites. 

The sites will extensively test your connection and provide information on download speeds, among other things. Ideally, 3-5Mbps is suitable for streaming videos in Standard quality. 

Also, remember to disable VPNs or use a different network, as that can affect your TV’s access to the internet. 

If your connection is the problem, troubleshoot your router and modem.

How to Connect Your VIZIO TV to the Internet

Refresh Smartcast

Refreshing Smartcast can get the apps working properly, and you can refresh Smartcast by changing the OS language through the steps below.

  • Press the Menu on the remote.
  • Navigate System> Menu Language.
  • Switch languages using the left and right navigation keys on the remote.
  • Wait for at least ten seconds as Smartcast refreshes, then revert the language to English.
  • Exit and check if the apps work.

How to Change the OS/Menu Language on a VIZIO Smart TV

Restart the TV and Your Router/Modem

A reboot allows the TV to boot afresh and should solve some simple system issues that might have been affecting different apps. You can use the Vizio soft power cycle feature to restart the TV by following the procedure below.

  • Press the Menu key on the remote.
  • Navigate Admin & Privacy > Reboot the TV and wait for the TV to restart.

Reboot the TV

You can also perform a hard reset through the procedure below. 

  • Exit the app and power off the TV as you normally would.
  • Unplug the TV from the power source.
  • Press and hold the power button for fifteen seconds while the TV is off. 
  • Reconnect the TV to the power source.
  • Power on the TV, connect it to the internet and check if the apps work. 

Also, remember to restart the router and modem and proceed to other suggestions if that does not work. 

Google the Error Code

Sometimes when the apps fail to launch or stop working as you use them, they display error codes. If you note the code and do a google search of the code accompanied by the app that showed it, you might meet others with the same problem. 

Often people discuss such problems on different platforms like the AVS forum.

You can also find information on the app’s website since many service producers provide such information to enhance their services. 

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Check If Smartcast Is Down

Although rarely, the Vizio platform Smartcast could sometimes face downtime that affects the TV’s normal functioning. 

You can visit Vizio’s social media pages to check if they have shared information about the platform being down. You can also ask them directly or interact with other users in the comment sections of their pages, like on Twitter or Reddit

VIZIO Twitter Account

Source – VIZIO Twitter Account

If there is a Smartcast outage, wait as Vizio work to solve the problem. 

Alternatively, try launching whatever app you want to access with the quick access buttons on the remote. Sometimes apps work when accessed this way. But still, try other solutions suggested here since this is a temporary solution and not all apps have quick access buttons. 

YouTube Not Working on a VIZIO TV – Easy Fixes

Switch Input Sources

Switching inputs and then relaunching the apps has worked for some people, and it would not hurt to try. Therefore, switch to another input source and then come back to Smartcast using the following procedure.

  • Press Input on the remote.
  • Select another input source like HDMI 1 using the left and right navigation keys, and press OK.
  • Wait thirty seconds before returning to Smartcast using the left/right navigation keys. 

Hulu Not Working on a VIZIO TV – Easy Fixes

Check for a Firmware Update

Vizio TVs update their firmware automatically. However, sometimes, the automatic update can delay, which can cause issues if the TV still uses outdated firmware. 

Updates also solve common problems, and if the apps not working is a widespread issue, a firmware update would be provided by Vizio to get the apps working.

Check for firmware updates by navigating Menu > Admin & Privacy > Check for Updates.

How to Update Your VIZIO Smart TV

If there is any update, download it and install it. If there is none, the TV will notify you that your system is up to date. 

Factory Reset the Television

If the problems persist, reset the television to its factory settings to erase all settings not made at the manufacturing point of the TV. A reset will also clear any bugs that could hinder the operation of TV apps. A factory reset can also reset the time to the correct time in case the TV has the wrong time information, which can also negatively affect TV operations.  

Here is how to conduct a factory reset.

  • Press Menu and navigate Admin & Privacy > Reset to Factory Settings.
  • Enter the system PIN; if you have never updated it, the default is 0000. 
  • Once the message ‘Select Reset to restore all TV settings to factory defaults and clear all account information’ appears, navigate to Reset > OK.
  • Wait as the TV resets and restarts. 

How to Reset Your VIZIO TV to Factory Default Settings

You can also reset the TV using the buttons on the TV. You can reset newer TVs by pressing the power button for twenty seconds. For older models, watch the video below.

How to Reset Your VIZIO TV Manually

Alternatively, consult the user manual for instructions specific to your TV. 

The video below illustrates some of the troubleshooting methods discussed here. 

Troubleshooting VIZIO SmartCast

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I Download New Apps onto a Vizio Smart TV?

Answer: It depends on which platform the TV uses. Since 2018 Vizio TVs have used the Smartcast Platform that does not allow you to download additional apps. Vizio relaunched the app in 2017 with preinstalled apps and no ability to add more.

Prior platforms like VIA and VIA+ allowed the download of apps from an app store accessible on the TV. 

Question: How do I update apps on my VIZIO 2022?

Answer: Vizio TVs in 2022 use the Smartcast platform that does not facilitate resetting individual apps. However, the app may have an internal feature for clearing its data, so conduct a google search to find out. 

Generally, you can reset all apps by performing a factory reset on the TV by navigating Menu > Admin & Privacy > Check for Updates. 

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Question: Why Is Vizio Smartcast not working?

Answer: Vizio Smartcast depends on the internet for smooth operation; therefore, a poor connection can stop it from working. Alternatively, a Smartcast outage, a software bug, or outdated firmware could be the cause. 


In extreme circumstances, the above solutions might not work for you. In such cases, contact Vizio customer support for further assistance. If your TV is still under warranty, you can also contact Vizio or the vendor you got it from, depending on the contract terms. 

If none of these suggestions sound probable and you are sure there is no salvation for the TV, consider getting an external streaming device like Roku or Apple TV, or getting a new TV, preferably from a reputable brand.

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