Vizio TV Stuck on Logo (7 Fixes to Try)

Vizio produces some of the cheapest yet most efficient televisions in the market. The brand has grown among many people for the same reasons and continues to grow thanks to the new TV models released almost yearly. Despite all the advantages Vizio TVs have over other brands, Vizio TVs also have damning drawbacks that might influence one to think twice about getting one. 

From the black screen of death to no audio output, a Vizio television can frustrate you, especially if you are a new Vizio client and are not used to such shenanigans. A common and annoying problem is that Vizio televisions can sometimes get stuck on the logo screen when powering up. 

The issue is a nuisance because it leaves the TV user with very few options to troubleshoot the problem. A stuck screen usually indicates a problem with the television’s software. To interact with the software, you must access the TV’s Menu. 

On the other hand, if the problem is because of a hardware component, you would have to open the TV and replace the problematic element. Such exercises require skilled personnel and can be risky if carried out by an inexperienced person. 

All hope is not lost as there are some steps you can take to restore the TV to normal functioning. Below are the causes and solutions to the stuck logo on a Vizio TV. 

VIZIO TV Stuck on Logo


Maybe your TV is updating – give it some time (10-15min) before trying anything.

Check your power supply – try using other power outlets

Restart (power cycle) your TV – unplug it from the power outlet, press the power button on the TV for 10sec, and plug it back in.

Disconnect all source devices (gaming consoles, streaming devices, Blu-ray players, etc.).

Reset the TV to factory defaults using your remote if you can access the Menu – Menu > Admin & Privacy > Reset to Factory Settings.

Reset the TV manually if you can’t access the Menu.

Contact VIZIO Support.

Why Is My Vizio TV Stuck on Logo?

The most common cause of Vizio TVs getting stuck on the logo screen is a software malfunction. Most people experience the issue after updating the TV firmware and end up stranded. 

Another cause is a damaged component on the main board, and more specifically, a component on the board called the EEPROM.

The possible solutions to this problem are limited but can work wonders if appropriately followed. They include:

Give the TV Some Time

Software updates on Vizio televisions automatically happen unless there is a network outage or a system malfunction. It can also be challenging to tell when the update is happening, as some processes could be running in the background. 

Problems arise when the TV is switched off while updating the firmware. In such cases, the TV might get stuck on the logo screen as it completes incomplete updates. 

It could also be stuck because the abrupt power outage misconfigured something in the software. Therefore, before doing anything else, you should wait 15 to 30 minutes to allow for the TV to self-diagnose and resolve the issue. 

Check the Power Supply

Sometimes, if the TV is getting insufficient power, issues arise, especially with the display. Rule out this possibility as early as possible by ensuring the power cord is in good condition and well fitted to prevent unnecessary movements. Also, consider changing power outlets in case one is faulty. 

Get a surge protector if you do not have one to ensure power surges do not damage critical components on the TV. 

Restart the TV

A power cycle or a restart, as it is commonly known, can resolve multiple software-related issues. When you restart a Vizio TV, the TV gets a chance to reconfigure itself and start up correctly. 

Since the TV is stuck at the logo screen, you will be forced to unplug it from the power outlet to switch it off. But if the power keys are responsive, press them, then unplug the TV. 

Once the TV is off, press and hold the power button (on the TV) for at least ten seconds to drain any remnant power in the circuit board. 

Power the TV as you normally would and observe if the issue is solved. If it persists, power off the TV and press the power button as you did before. But this time, wait for at least fifteen minutes before turning it on. 

Waiting gives the TV time to cool down in case the stuck screen was because the TV was overheating. 

Remove Secondary Devices

If you are still having issues, the next step is to change the inputs on the TV. If there are secondary devices connected to the TV, disconnect them and power on the TV. 

This ensures that if said devices are causing interruptions during start-up, they are eliminated. 

Remove Secondary Devices

Alternatively, you could switch HDMI ports if one has a problem.

Reset the Television

Vizio TVs can be reset without accessing the Menu. If the TV is stuck on the logo screen, the only option when resetting the TV is to use the physical method and hope it works. 

To reset a Vizio TV:

  • Press and hold the Input and Volume down buttons on the TV simultaneously. 
  • Press and hold the Input button on the TV for ten seconds
  • Wait to see if the TV restarts. If it does, that means the reset was successful, and if it does not, you can retry the procedure as it is not always definite it will work the first time. 

Note that the reset may fail depending on the extent of the malfunction. If a component in the TV has a problem, then a reset would not be worth it.

How to Manually Reset a VIZIO TV

Press the Menu Key

Sometimes when the stuck logo screen persists, you can access the TV’s Menu by pressing the Menu key on the remote repeatedly as the TV powers up. 

Once the Menu appears, you can update the system firmware if it is outdated. To update the firmware, navigate Menu > Admin & Privacy > Reset to Factory Settings

Fix VIZIO TV Stuck on Logo by Resetting the TV

Contact Vizio

The last option is to find a competent technician to determine which component is damaged within the TV. Most websites will provide instructions on troubleshooting the TV’s internal components but fail to mention the risks. 

You risk getting electrocuted or voiding the warranty if you decide to fix the TV at home. 

If you contact Vizio, they can send a technician or advice you further. Alternatively, call a technician to fix the TV if accessing a Vizio technician is cumbersome.

Some of the procedures above might slightly differ if you have an older Vizio TV. Consult the user manual for instructions specific to your TV model. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Do You Unfreeze a Vizio TV?

Answer: The easiest way to unfreeze a Vizio TV is to conduct a power cycle. Simply unplug the TV from the power outlet, press and hold the power button on the TV for ten seconds, then power on the TV. 

Question: Is there a Reset Button for Vizio TVs?

Answer: Vizio TVs do not have a dedicated reset button, but a combination of the Input and Volume down buttons can reset the TV, as illustrated above. Consult the user manual available online for other ways to reset your Vizio TV. 


Vizio TVs get stuck on the logo screen more rampantly than people realize. The problem is irritating because it always looks like it is fighting to stay. But now you can tell when to stop fighting and get a better TV. 

Once you are through with all the above suggestions, even Vizio would likely advise you to request a service visit to facilitate a new TV if your warranty is still valid.

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