Vizio TV Input Not Working (Troubleshooting Guide)

Vizio TVs are among the most popular television sets. They have a quality display and advanced features, making them a preferable choice for many. The TVs sometimes malfunction, and this makes some features hard to use. The problems range from the screens randomly blacking out to some HDMI ports not working. Fortunately, most of these problems can easily be solved through a series of troubleshooting measures. 

This article provides troubleshooting suggestions in case the TV’s Input stops working. The solutions below are helpful for both when the Input button and Input menu do not work. 

Vizio TV Input Not Working


Restart your VIZIO TV. Try soft restart/reboot first. If that doesn’t work, try hard reset. 

Troubleshoot your remote. Buy a replacement remote if you can’t fix it.

Disable HDMI CEC.

Check for firmware updates.

Factory reset your TV.

Contact VIZIO support.

Restart the TV

If the TV is stuck on a particular input and is unresponsive when you press any key on the remote, the first troubleshooting solution is to restart the TV. You should restart the TV even if other aspects of the TV work and only the Input is misbehaving. 

When you restart the TV, it shuts down all system processes and restarts them, hopefully clearing any bugs affecting the TV’s Input. 

You can start the TV by pressing the power button on the remote to switch it off. If the remote does not work, use the power button on the TV. If the TV is unresponsive when using any of these options, simply unplug it from the power outlet. 

Once the TV is off, press the power button on the TV, not the remote, to discharge any power remaining in the TV’s internal components. Then reconnect the TV to the power outlet and turn it on as you usually do. If the Input is still not working, try the other suggested solutions below. 

Check the Remote

Sometimes the problem is not with the TV’s Input but with the remote. Assuming a key on the remote is stuck, it could be stopping the signals from your remote to the TV. 

It is, therefore, important to include the remote when troubleshooting. The fastest way to determine if the remote is the issue is to use the Input button on the TV. 

Most Vizio TVs have the Input button on the back panel at the bottom right/left, specifically under the Volume buttons. Newer models have only one button on the bottom left or right. In this case, you can change the input by short-pressing this button when the TV is on.

Press to change to the next input source

If the TV changes inputs using the button on the TV, the problem is most likely with the remote.

You can start troubleshooting the remote by changing the batteries if you suspect they have run out of power. 

Then remove the batteries and press and hold the power button for fifteen seconds to drain any residual power. 

Next, press all the buttons repeatedly to unstick any jammed buttons that could interfere with the remote’s signals. Return the batteries and check whether the remote has resumed normal functioning.

Troubleshooting a VIZIO TV Remote

If the remote is still not working, you can get a universal one or another Vizio remote as a replacement. You can also use the Smartcast app to control the TV.

VIZIO TV Replacement Remotes

Voice Remote (XRT260)

Voice Remote (XRT260)

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SmartCast TV Remote (XRT140)

SmartCast TV Remote (XRT140)

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Disconnect All External Devices

An external device could prevent the TVs Inputs from working, as some devices can be invasive. You can rule this possibility out by disconnecting all external devices from your TV and try changing the input. 

External Devices

If the TV switches Inputs, the most likely culprit is the CEC settings allowing other remotes to control the TV. 

You can disable these settings by pressing Menu, navigating to System > CEC, pressing OK, and disabling the feature. 


You should also try switching inputs for the external devices, e.g., if it was on HDMI 1, change it to HDMI 2 and check whether the Inputs are working. Remember to ensure that the ports are clean and in good condition. 


Additionally, check the cables for any damage that might interfere with signal sharing between the TV and an external device, making it look like the Input is the problem.

Check for a Firmware Update

Outdated firmware on the TV can render some features useless. It is therefore important to ensure the TV is on the latest firmware to avoid problems like the Inputs not working.

Vizio TVs automatically download and install updates, but that can delay if the internet connection is unstable or if the TV is disconnected from the internet

You can manually check for firmware updates by following the steps below:

  • Press the Menu key and go to Admin & Privacy
  • Then select Check for Updates 

Check for Updates

If the TV finds any updates, it will prompt you to confirm the download or if it is up to date.

Updating a VIZIO TV (Older Models)

Factory Reset the TV

You can also reset the TV to erase all customized settings and restore the default settings. This will help if the problem results from a software bug or an unrelated setting affecting the TV’s inputs.

A factory reset allows you to set up the TV afresh, and hopefully, the Input will start working. You can reset the TV by following the procedures below:

  • Press the Menu key on the remote and go to Admin & Privacy.
  • Select Reset to Factory Settings and press OK.

Reset to Factory Settings

  • The TV will prompt you to enter a system PIN. If you have never updated the PIN and the TV still asks for one, you can use 0000, which is the default
  • When you see the popup message, highlight Reset, press OK, and wait for the TV to clear all custom settings and restore the default ones.

You can also manually reset the TV by pressing and holding the Power/Input button for ten seconds. 

press and hold the Power Input button

For Vizio TVs that have separate Power and Input buttons, the procedure is as follows:

  • Press and hold the Input + Volume down buttons until a notification appears on the screen. 
  • Press and hold the Input button for ten seconds, and it will notify you that the factory reset has begun.

Resetting a VIZIO TV to Factory Default Settings (Older Models)


The TV’s Input might stop working for various reasons, but they are easy to solve. The most common reason is either the remote has worn-out batteries or one of the buttons is malfunctioning. The Input should be working after going through the solutions listed above. If the Input still does work, contact Vizio’s customer support, and they will suggest more troubleshooting tips.

If your warranty is still valid, you can request a new TV should yours be found damaged. You can also contact a qualified technician if validating your warranty is out of the question. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why does my Vizio TV keep changing Inputs by itself?

Answer: Vizio TVs are programmed to default to the Smartcast Input if they stay on a different input for ten seconds without any signal. This setting is the main reason why the TV switches inputs. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable this feature for now. 

Question: Why does my Vizio TV say no signal?

Answer: When the TV says there is no signal when you are on another input source apart from Smartcast, the problem is most likely the Video source device. 

Therefore, troubleshoot the external device before troubleshooting the TV. Also, ensure that the cables are firmly connected and in good condition. The ports should also be clean.

If the TV says there is no signal while on Smartcast, the problem is most probably the internet connection.

Question: How do I reset the Input on my Vizio TV?

Answer: You cannot reset a particular Input on a Vizio TV, but you can reset the TV, which will reset all inputs. You can reset the TV by navigating Menu > Admin & Privacy > Reset to Factory Settings.


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