Universal Remote Codes for VIZIO TV (A Complete List)

Vizio TVs are efficient, and they can positively impact the watching experience. To enjoy the TV’s features, users require a remote. It will allow them to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi, update various settings, change channels and adjust the volume without using the buttons on the TV. If you lose the original remote, operating the TV can be challenging, but that is where universal remotes come in. You can purchase one, program it to your TV, and continue using it like before. 

To program these remotes, users require a certain code to enable the remote to send signals that the TV can decode. Read on as we list all Vizio TVs’ universal remote codes and where you can find them

Universal Remote Codes for VIZIO TV


Universal remote codes are needed to identify the target device (your VIZIO TV) so the universal remote send signals that the TV can decode.

Depending on the brand and model of a universal remote, you may have to enter the codes manually or just initiate the automatic code search. On most remotes, both options are available. It’s recommended to start with auto-search. If that method doesn’t work, try entering the code manually. 

You can find the most popular universal remote codes for VIZIO TVs listed in this article. You can also find some codes on VIZIO’s website and on the websites of universal remote manufacturers (RCA). Finally, the list of universal remote codes should be included in the manual that came with your universal remote.

Why Do We Need Codes to Program Universal Remotes?

Universal remotes from different manufacturers follow different programming steps. Sometimes different universal remotes from the same manufacturer can follow different programming procedures. However, one thing that remains the same across the different universal remotes is the need for a specific code

Since different remotes use differently coded IR signals when sending commands to the TV, you need to program a universal remote to send IR signals the TV can decode. The universal remote codes are necessary to identify the target device so the universal remote send signals that the TV can decode

How to Program a Universal Remote to My VIZIO TV Using a Code

There are various ways to connect a universal remote to a Vizio TV, but the most common include code search and manually entering the code

When using the manual code entry method, you have to follow a series of steps before getting to the point where you enter the codes. 

The steps to follow differ depending on the remote’s manufacturer and model, but a basic outline has been listed below.

  • Ensure the remote has working batteries.
  • Put the remote into programming mode. You can do this by a combination of different buttons and will know the remote is in programming mode once the LED or power button lights up.
  • The next step is to enter the codes one after the other until you find the correct one. You will know you have found the correct code once the remote’s LED or power button goes off or comes on; how it behaves depends on the remote’s manufacturer and model.
  • If the remote’s LED or power button flashes after entering a code, it means that it is the wrong code, and you should try another one.
  • After finding the correct code, the next step is to save the code by pressing a dedicated button on the remote. 

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VIZIO TV Universal Remote Codes

We have established that you need codes to program universal remotes to Vizio TVs, and you might be wondering what that codes are. The codes are listed below:

Two-digit remote codes

01, 02, 10, 12, 17, 19

Three-digit remote codes for Vizio TVs

004, 011, 113, 502, 505, 627

Four-digit remote codes for Vizio TVs

  • 1078, 0205, 1207, 0912
  • 1224, 1292, 1499, 1756, 
  • 0030, 1783, 2512, 2707, 
  • 2757, 3415, 3758
  • 3145, 0056, 0117, 0128, 
  • 0178, 0864, 0885, 1758
  • 0891, 1004, 1017, 1204
  • 1169, 1168, 0081, 0112 
  • 0143, 1011, 0050, 1000, 
  • 1222, 1322, 1189, 0218  
  • 0219, 0220, 0221, 0222

Five-digit remote codes for Vizio TVs

  • 11756, 10117, 10120, 10178, 10864,
  • 10885, 11758, 12247, 01377,
  • 12757, 12707, 13415, 13758, 12512

The universal remote’s manual will let you know what kind of code you need, whether it is the 2-,3-,4, or 5-digit code. However, most new universal remotes use 4- or 5-digit codes

Also, note that the remote’s manufacturer could provide more codes. Therefore, you should consult the remote’s manual or the manufacturer’s website, as they are the most credible sources for the codes. 

Some of the codes listed above are provided by Vizio, and chances are they do not work on all universal remotes. 

Where Can I Get a Universal Remote Code for My Vizio TV?

You might need a different code than the ones listed above. This is possible, especially if it’s a newer model TV whose code has yet to be included in the article or on Vizio’s website.

Fortunately, you can find more universal remote codes for your Vizio TV on the universal remote manufacturer’s website or the remote’s user manual. 

Vizio also has listed some codes on a PDF file and others on their website. If the codes do not work, try codes from a different TV brand, especially LG. 

However, the best and most accurate source of the codes is the remote manufacturer’s website, e.g., RCA, GE, or Phillips.

Can You Program a Universal Remote to a Vizio TV Without a Code?

You do not always have to manually enter the codes as universal remotes also have a feature that helps them to try different codes until they find one that works automatically. 

The steps to enable an automatic code search differ depending on the universal remote’s manufacturer and model. 

How to Program the RCA Universal Remote to Your TV (Automatic Code Search)

The basic steps to enable this mode entails pressing a series of buttons, including the TV button on the universal remote, to get it into programming mode. 

Once the remote is in programming mode, you can initiate the code search feature by pressing a button determined by the remote’s manufacturer. As the remote is trying different codes, you will be required to press the Power/Play/Pause or any other button as the user manual dictates. 

The TV will then go off once the remote finds the correct code, and all you have to do is turn it on and save the code using a button or buttons set by the remote’s manufacturer.

Instead of programming the remotes, you can purchase a Vizio replacement remote that does not require any programming.

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The universal remote codes are essential for programming a universal remote to the TV. Universal remotes can automatically try different codes and select the one compatible with your TV, or you can enter the codes by yourself. Try manually entering the codes after the auto code search feature fails. You can always find the codes on Vizio’s website, and if you encounter any problems, contact Vizio or the remote’s manufacturer for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you program a universal remote for VIZIO TV?

Answer: There are different ways of programming a universal remote to a Vizio TV. You can use the code search method, where the remote will search for a code that matches your TV’s, or the manual method that requires you to enter the codes.

The remote’s manufacturer and model determine the exact steps you should follow.

Question: Why won’t my Vizio TV recognize my remote?

Answer: Various aspects could be affecting the connection between your remote and the TV. They include:

  • An obstacle between the remote and the TV’s IR sensor.
  • The remote’s batteries have worn out or are poorly inserted.
  • A key is stuck on the remote, thus causing conflict in signals.
  • The remote has malfunctioned.

Resolve this by removing the batteries from the remote, pressing and holding the power button on the remote for sixty seconds, repeatedly pressing all the buttons on the remote, then returning the batteries and checking whether the TV recognizes the remote.

Question: What are the 4-digit codes for a VIZIO TV?

Answer: Where to get the four-digit code depends on what you need it for. If you need the code to complete connecting your phone to the TV through Airplay or the Smartcast App. The code will appear on the screen provided you are on the correct input for the mentioned instances.

If you need the code for connecting the TV to a universal remote, you can find it on the remote’s user manual, the remote manufacturer’s website, or Vizio’s website. The codes have also been listed in this article.

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