Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off (Proven Fixes)

Vizio TVs are among the leading TV brands used by millions of people. Factors such as the price range and equipped features greatly contribute to being a preferred choice. Unfortunately, users have to deal with various problems with every new update, including the VIZIO TV randomly turning off

One can easily be stranded when one finds themselves in such a situation, but this article will guide you on what to do if you find yourself in such a predicament.

Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off


Troubleshoot your TV’s power supply – check the power cable and replace it if it’s broken/damaged, bypass the surge protector (plug the TV’s power cable directly into the wall outlet), try a different wall outlet.

Troubleshoot your remote – check if the power button is stuck.

Deactivate the sleep timer and auto power off features.

Disable CEC.

Check if your TV is getting too hot. If it does, move it to a better-ventilated spot.

Reboot your TV.

Check for software updates.

Reset your VIZIO TV.

Troubleshoot the Power Supply

A faulty power supply is the first possible cause of your TV constantly powering off. If the power cables are not firmly connected to their ports, any disturbance or movement near the TV will cause it to go off. 

Sometimes the TV will turn off even if there is no disturbance to faulty power cords because they cannot supply consistent power to the TV. 

Therefore, ensure all power cables are firmly fitted on the TV and power outlet and that all power-related components are in good condition. The cables should not have any naked wires, and if using a surge protector, ensure it is not worn out. 

The surge protector can also cause the TV to go off, even if it seems in perfect condition. So, unplug the TV from the surge protector and plug it directly into a wall outlet. If the TV stops turning off randomly, get a new one since the current one could be damaged. 

You can also try connecting the TV to different power outlets to rule out the possibility of a bad power outlet affecting your TV’s performance.

Troubleshoot the Remote

If the VIZIO remote has a stuck power key, it could send ‘power off’ signals to the VIZIO TV, making it switch itself off randomly. 

Fortunately, you can remove the batteries from the remote and observe if the TV still turns off without you initiating it. 

You can go further and power cycle the remote by pressing and holding the power button for sixty seconds to drain any static power. Then repeatedly press all keys on the remote, ensuring none is stuck, especially the power button. 

Finally, insert the batteries and see if the TV stops turning off independently. 

How to Troubleshoot Your VIZIO Remote

Deactivate the TVs Sleep Timer

Vizio TVs have a sleep timer that turns off the TV after ten minutes or after a pre-set duration, i.e., 30, 60, 90, 120, and 180 minutes. 

When activated, the TV will go off after the set time has elapsed, and this could be what is causing the TV to go off randomly. The TVs also have an Auto Off feature that will turn off the TV if it stays idle for ten minutes. 

If these features are active, you can deactivate them by pressing the Menu button and going to System > Timers. 

Then select the Sleep timer option and use the remote’s left/right navigation buttons to change the duration. Scroll through the different pre-set minutes until you get to the OFF option and press OK

It would help if you also disabled the Auto-off feature by selecting the Auto Power Off option under Timers and turning it off

Auto Power Off

Reboot the TV

If the VIZIO TV keeps turning off, consider performing a power cycle which entails switching the TV off and then back on. A power cycle or reboot will allow the Vizio TV to stop all processes and start them afresh. This will ensure any temporary system bugs are cleared, giving the TV a chance to start up without any hitches. A restart will also clear any cache data on the TV.

There are two ways to restart the TV; the first one is called a smooth power cycle because it does not cut power to the TV but still restarts it. You can perform a soft power cycle by navigating to Menu > System > Reset & Admin > Soft Power Cycle>Yes. For older models, the path is Menu > System > Reboot.

Reboot TV

However, a soft power cycle is less likely to solve your problem than a good old-fashioned restart. You can do it by:

  • Press the Power button on the remote or use the power button on the TV to turn it off.
  • Then unplug the TV from the power outlet to ensure it does not receive any more power. 
  • Press and hold the TV’S power button (not the power button on the remote) for at least sixty seconds to drain any power lingering in the TV’s components, and wait for another sixty seconds.
  • Plug the TV into an outlet and power it back up, observing whether it will turn itself off this time. 

If it does not, you are good, as that indicates a minor system malfunction. 

Check for Overheating

When electronics overheat, they tend to malfunction or stop working completely; this is no different for Vizio TVs. Overheating is caused by prolonged use and poor ventilation of the TV’s internal components

Therefore, if you have been using the TV for a while and it turns itself off, unplug t from the outlet and leave it to rest for approximately thirty minutes to an hour, then you can continue using it.

As you wait for the TV to cool down, ensure the TV’s surrounding areas receive sufficient airflow and the TV is away from any heat-radiating appliances. That includes other electronics like a DVD player and sound system. 

There should be some distance between the TV’s back panel and the wall to allow efficient aeration of the TV’s internal components. 

Disable the TV’s CEC Settings

Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) settings allow you to control other electronic products using the Vizio remote and vice versa (you can control your VIZIO TV with your AVR’s remote). The feature will let you pause, play, increase or decrease volume, and power other HDMI appliances, like a soundbar, on or off. 

Although it is a convenient feature, it can also be a nuisance as it allows remotes of other appliances to control the TV. Hence the remotes of these other appliances could be the ones causing the TV to keep going off even when you do not want it to. 

You can deactivate the setting on the TV by going to the Menu > System > CEC. 


Check if there is a Pending Software Update

Sometimes, problems such as the TV frequently turning off are widespread, affecting multiple Vizio TV users. And as you would have it, these users contact and notify Vizio, and Vizio responds by rolling out firmware updates that fix the issue. 

Your TV could be delayed in getting the update, but you can prompt it to download and install it if one is available. 

You can do that by pressing the Menu button and navigating to Admin & Privacy > Check for Updates. Then, if Vizio has already rolled out any updates, the TV will prompt you to download them, and they will be automatically installed. If there are no updates, the TV will state that it is up to date. 

Check for Updates

Perform a Factory Reset

Should your VIZIO TV keep turning off after all the troubleshooting measures, the remaining option is to perform a factory reset

The reset will remove all settings updated by the user and restore the settings implemented on the TV by the manufacturer. In other words, the reset will restore the TV settings when purchased. A reset is also an aggressive method of clearing any bugs lingering after the reboot. 

When you restore the manufacturer’s settings, the TV will work if it turns off because a setting you unknowingly updated is now interfering with how it works. 

You can reset the TV using the remote by pressing Menu, going to Admin & Privacy > Reset to Factory Settings, entering the system PIN (use 000 if you have never changed it from the default), highlighting the Reset option, and pressing OK. Wait as the TV resets and restarts. 

Reset to Factory Settings

You can also reset the TV manually by pressing and holding the power/input button for twenty seconds. Older Vizio TVs can be reset when you hold the volume down and Input keys simultaneously until the TV prompts you to press and hold the Input button for ten seconds. The TV will reset after you press the button as instructed.

Resetting a VIZIO TV (Manual Method)

Contact Vizio

Suppose your VIZIO TV keeps turning off; that could indicate a more complex problem requiring a trained technician to diagnose and solve. Therefore contact Vizio and inform them of all the troubleshooting measures. They will suggest more troubleshooting steps if any are available. Vizio will send a technician to examine the TV if they can’t fix the problem remotely.


When your Vizio TV keeps turning off, it could indicate a faulty power supply that should be resolved immediately. However, other causes include a system bug or a set timer. You should always ensure the TV is in good condition and well taken care of to avoid such problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where is the reset button on a Vizio Smart TV?

Answer: Vizio TVs do not have a dedicated reset button. Instead, you press and hold the power button for twenty seconds, and the TV will reset. 

Older models with the Input button on the back are reset by pressing the Input and Volume down buttons simultaneously until the TV notifies you to press and hold the Input button for ten seconds. Once you do, the TV will reset. 

Question: Why does my Vizio TV turn on by itself?

Answer: Your Vizio TV may be turning on by itself because of various reasons. They include an app/device trying to cast to the TV while it is off, a system malfunction, another remote sending signals to the TV because of CEC settings, or a stuck remote key.


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