Vizio TV Turns Off by Itself (What’s Going On?)

Vizio is a preferred TV brand for many because of its quality picture and advanced features. Users also prefer Vizio TVs because they are cheap compared to other players in the market hence why more and more people are acquiring Vizio TVs. However, the TVs also have disadvantages like widespread system malfunctions that can render them useless if not sorted out. A common problem Vizio TV owners face is that the VIZIO TVs sometimes power themselves off for no apparent reason. Read on as we look at what you can do to ensure the TV powers off only when you want it to. 

Vizio TV Turns Off by Itself


Check your power cable, power outlet, and surge protector. Try replacing the power cable and plugging it into a different outlet.

Check your remote – the power button might be stuck. 

Reboot your TV.

Disable Sleep Timer and Auto Power Off.

Disable HDMI CEC. When this feature is enabled, you can turn off your TV with your AVR or soundbar remote. 

If your TV gets too hot, it will turn itself off to protect internal components – move your TV to a better-ventilated spot. 

Update your TV.

Factory reset your TV.

Check the Power Outlets and Power Cables

If your VIZIO TV randomly turns off by itself, the primary suspected cause is a problem with the power supply. Therefore, it is important to ensure the power outlet the TV is connected to is working as it should. You can switch the TV to an alternative outlet and observe whether the problem continues. 

Also, check the TV’s power cable and ensure it is in good condition and properly inserted in the power outlet. Additionally, you can plug the TV directly into the wall outlet instead of using a surge protector in case the surge protector is what is causing the TV to turn off. 

Be careful when dealing with the power cable to avoid being electrocuted. If you notice that the TV’s power cable is damaged, contact a qualified electrician to fix it or suggest a replacement. You can also contact Vizio and request a technician to visit and fix the TV’s power supply. 

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Also, check the important safety instructions in the user manual to ensure the TV is always appropriately connected to power outlets.

Ensure the ‘Power Off’ Signal is Not Coming from Another Remote

Although rare, the signal could be coming from another Vizio TV remote nearby. Vizio remotes work on all TVs, so if you have more than one in the home, ensure it is not within range of the other at all times. 

You can take the batteries out of the second remote and observe whether the TV is still going off. 

Also, check if the power button on the remote is stuck and constantly sends a signal to power off the TV, making it look like the TV is the problem. You can do this by taking the batteries out, pressing and holding the remotes power button for at least fifteen seconds, then repeatedly pressing all the other buttons. That will drain any residual power on the remote. Then ensure all buttons on the remote are not stuck and return the batteries.

If the remote has any moisture on it, wipe it dry before returning the batteries or leave the remote out to dry, then return the batteries.   

Power Cycle the TV

After ensuring the power button on the remote is not stuck, consider restating the TV, and it will restart all system processes. That will solve any temporary bugs causing the TV to turn itself off. A power cycle will also finish any pending updates helping the TV resume normal functioning. 

So, power off the TV and unplug it from the wall outlet, then press and hold the power button for twenty seconds. Finally, connect the TV to the outlet, power it on, and check if it still turns itself off. You should use this procedure to restart the TV anytime you troubleshoot it. 

Check the Sleep Timer

Vizio TVs have a sleep timer that can turn off the TV after a set time or after ten minutes of inactivity. When the timer settings are in play, the TV will go off, and if you are not keen, you might think it is a problem with the TV. 

Therefore, press the Menu button and navigate to System > Timers > Sleep Timer, then use the left/right navigation buttons to adjust how long you want the timer to last, i.e., 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes and after that period elapses the TV will go off. 

You can select OFF instead of a certain duration in minutes, and the timer will be deactivated. 

Vizio TVs also have an auto-off feature that automatically switches off the TV if it stays idle for ten minutes. You can deactivate the feature to prevent the TV from automatically turning off. You do this through Menu, then going to Menu > System > Timers > Auto Power Off > Off.

Auto Power Off

Disable HDMI CEC Settings

Vizio TVs have an HDMI CEC feature that allows the TV to share a remote with other devices like a Soundbar or DVD player. When activated, the Soundbar remote can turn off the TV even though you intended to turn off the soundbar only.

You can deactivate the HDMI Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) by pressing the Menu key, selecting System, selecting CEC, and disabling the feature

HDMI CEC Settings

Is the TV Overheating?

Poor placement of the TV can also cause it to overheat, resulting in internal components malfunctioning and the TV turning off randomly and frequently. Therefore, ensure the TV is placed in a well-ventilated area away from heat-radiating appliances like heaters. 

If it is an overheating issue causing the TV to power off, relocating it, and giving it time to cool off should fix the issue. However, extensive damage could already have happened to the components, so if you suspect overheating is the problem, contact a technician to examine whether the TV is in good condition.  

Check for a System Update

Vizio rolls out frequent system updates that fix widespread problems and add new TV features. Sometimes, when many Vizio customers face the same issue, the company will release an update that fixes the said issue hence why it is important to check for any available updates. You should do this even though Vizio TVs automatically download and install the updates since the TV might not have yet gotten the chance to do this.

You can check for system updates through the Menu by going to Admin & Privacy > Check for Updates

Check for Updates

If there are any available updates, the TV will prompt you to confirm the download, and if the TV is using the latest firmware, it will notify you that it is up to date. 

How to Update Your VIZIO TV

Factory Reset the TV

The last resort will be to factory reset the TV. This will clear all settings that were updated by the user and restore the TV settings to their original state. A reset will also clear any bugs causing the TV to power off. 

You can restart the TV by pressing the Menu button and then going to Admin & Privacy > Reset to Factory Settings. 

The TV will require you to enter a system PIN if you have set one previously or use 000, which is the default if you have never updated. 

Then the TV will state, ‘Select Reset to restore all TV settings to factory defaults,’ select Reset, press OK and wait for the TV to clear settings and restart. 

How to Factory Reset Your VIZIO Smart TV

Modern Vizio TVs can be reset by pressing and holding the Power/Input button for twenty seconds. 

How to Factory Reset a VIZIO Smart TV With No Remote (older VIZIO TVs)


If the TV is constantly turning itself off, it is more likely an issue with a component on the TV that requires a technician to diagnose and fix. However, before reaching this conclusion, try the solutions suggested above, and if they do not work, contact Vizio to send a technician. 

Always disconnect the TV from the power outlets if you will be away for a long time to avoid damage because of power surges. Also, ensure the TV is in a well-ventilated environment to prevent overheating, which can cause the TV to turn itself off. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why does my Vizio TV turn on by itself?

Answer: The most common causes for your TV turning itself on are the HDMI CEC settings and other apps or devices trying to cast to the TV. 

You can remedy this through the TVs menu by navigating System > CEC and disabling the feature. Also, change the TV’s power mode from QuickStart to Eco mode by pressing Menu and going to System > Power mode, highlighting Eco mode, and pressing OK. 

Question: Why does my Vizio TV turn off and on by itself?

Answer: The TV could constantly be restarting because there is a problem with the power cable, power outlet, or surge protector if you are using any. Also, it could be because of the HDMI CEC settings that enable the TV to receive commands from off-brand remotes. 

You can disable CEC by navigating to Menu > System > CEC.


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