How to Reset Vizio TV? Resetting Vizio TV With and Without Remote

VIZIO televisions have grown their popularity over the years and are now a common household item. Many people love Vizio televisions because of the features they come with and their fair price in the market. Although beloved, the TVs have shortcomings just like every other electronic device. Vizio TVs malfunction occasionally, presenting various problems that can be frustrating, especially to people who are not tech-savvy.

There are various suggestions for what one can do to rectify the malfunctions depending on the issue affecting the TV. A common solution for most issues is resetting the TV to undo all settings and features that were not configured during production.

The resetting procedure can be hectic, especially because there are various methods for various models, and some models can be reset using multiple techniques.

In this article, we will look at all the procedures for resetting Vizio TVs so that you know what to do the next time you need to reset yours. 

How to Reset VIZIO TV

Why Reset the TV?

The common reason for a reset is if the TV misbehaves in one way or another. A reset will restore the TV’s settings to their original state, i.e., how they were set from the factory. 

Some of the reasons to reset your Vizio TV include:

  • Issues with the display. Hazy or unclear images that won’t go away.
  • Poor sound quality
  • The TV restarts randomly
  • Internet connectivity issues and more. 

Factory reset will erase everything from the TV; therefore, note down any important information that might get lost. These can be settings or Wi-Fi passwords that need to be re-entered upon the restart. 

Alternatively, you can reset specific settings, e.g., audio or picture settings, if the issues are easy to diagnose and you do not wish to erase everything on the television. 

How to Reset a VIZIO Tv Using the Remote

This is the easiest way to reset your TV and should be the first option. To use the remote, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure the TV is on. Press the Menu button on the remote
  2. Next, navigate Admin & Privacy > Reset to Factory Settings and press OK.
  3. If you have ever updated the system PIN, enter it in the dialogue box that will appear. 
  4. If you have never updated the PIN, use the default PIN 0000.
  5. The television will indicate ‘Select Reset to restore all TV settings to factory defaults and clear all account information. 
  6. Navigate Reset > OK
  7. Wait as the TV resets so that you can start the set-up process once it is on. 

For some models, you may have to follow a slightly different procedure Menu > System > Reset & Admin > Reset to Factory Settings. 

How to Reset a VIZIO TV Using the Remote

The above procedures are for Vizio Smart cast TVs. Earlier models use the VIA or VIA+ platform. The resetting procedure for these platforms is slightly different, as we shall see below:

Resetting VIA TVs

  1. Press the Menu key 
  2. Then, depending on the model navigate Help > Clear Memory (Factory Default) or Help > Reset & Admin > Clear Memory
  3. Key in the parental control PIN; if you have never updated it, it is 0000. 
  4. Wait as the TV resets. It will turn on with all settings erased; therefore, you must start the set-up afresh. 

Resetting VIA+ TVs

  1. Press the Menu key 
  2. Then go to System > Reset & Admin > Clear Memory
  3. Next, navigate Clear Memory/Factory Defaults or Reset TV to Factory Defaults.
  4. Finally, enter the parental control PIN and press OK. 
  5. Wait for the TV to reset 

Reset Using TV Buttons (Manually)

In case the remote is inaccessible or not working, you can use the physical buttons on your television to reset it. The procedure applies to models with buttons, specifically volume control buttons and the Input/Source button. 

Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Ensure the TV is on, then press and hold the Input and Volume Down keys simultaneously. 
  2. Hold until a notification appears on the screen asking you to press the Input button for ten seconds. 
  3. Release the Volume and Input keys, then press and hold only the Input button for ten seconds.
  4. A notification will appear stating that the memory is being cleared. 
  5. Wait for the TV to finish resetting, then set it up as you wish.  

You can also press and hold the Power button for twenty seconds to reset newer models, especially those in the D series. 

How to Reset Your VIZIO TV Without the Remote

Using the Smart Cast App

Smartcast Vizio TVs can also use your phone as a remote. Depending on your phone’s OS, you must download the app from the Play Store or AppStore

The TV and phone should be on the same Wi-Fi network when setting the remote app to work with your TV. 

Follow these steps to use the App:

  1. Download and launch the app on your phone
  2. Log into your Vizio account by following the prompts on your phone screen. You can also sign in as a guest. 
  3. Search for nearby devices and select your TV from the available options
  4. A PIN will pop up on the TV screen; enter it in the app once prompted. 
  5. Once linked, you can use your phone to navigate the TV’s settings and reset them. 

How to Install and Use the VIZIO SmartCast App

Once you install the app, you can use it instead of the remote. You can navigate through settings and even restart your TV.

Note that not all Vizio televisions are compatible with the app. Fortunately, you can use a third-party app or a universal remote in extreme cases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about resetting Vizio televisions. 

Question: What is a soft reset?

Answer: A soft reset is a way of resetting your TV without erasing any data. You can look at it as restarting or rebooting your television. 

Soft reset should be your first option before resorting to a hard reset. It involves cutting all power to the TV and restarting it.

Question: How do I do a soft reset on my Vizio TV?

Answer: There are various ways of soft resetting your Vizio TV. One is to unplug it from the power outlet and then press and hold the power button for at least sixty seconds. 

Holding the power button ensures that any remnant power in the TV is used to allow a fresh restart. 

You can also use the Soft Restart feature on most Vizio TVs to solve any problems before resorting to a hard reset.

Question: Which is better – a soft or hard reset?

Answer: Both resets work according to the extremity of the problem you are facing. Therefore, you should always try a soft reset before a hard reset to avoid unnecessarily long processes. 

Question: Do VIZIO TVs have a reset button?

Answer: VIZIO televisions do not have a designated reset button. But there are various methods you can use to reset your TV, depending on the model.

A basic reset procedure is Menu > System > Reset & Admin > Reset to Factory Settings.

Question: How to reset my VIZIO TV when experiencing a black screen?

Answer: If the TV screen is completely blacked out and you are certain it is on, restart it and try resetting if the screen display starts working. 

If the screen is still black, check that you are on the correct video input, i.e., HDMI 1,2, or 3. 

You could also use the manual reset methods for applicable models. For instance, TVs belonging to the D series can be reset by pressing and holding the power button for twenty seconds. 


All the procedures above will make it easier to reset any Vizio TV. Note that some steps might differ depending on the model, but you can refer to the manual for specific instructions for your TV. If you do not have the manual, Vizio provides manuals online for all their products.

If the TV has issues even after resetting, it might be a damaged hardware component. You can contact Vizio’s customer support or a credible technician for further assistance in such cases.

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