Vizio TV Keeps Restarting (Proven Fixes)

Televisions are a vital necessity in many homes across the world. They are useful when we require entertainment or knowledge of what is happening worldwide. Smart TVs have made it even easier to access whatever content we wish with the push of a button. 

Vizio TVs are ideal for many because they are manufactured to satisfy the end user without digging too deep into their pockets. The TVs usually work without any glitches, but some have common and recurrent problems that negatively affect the user experience. 

One such issue is that the TV constantly restarts as you watch, yet no one controls the remote to initiate such behavior. The causes of such scenarios vary, but you can narrow them down using troubleshooting methods discussed later in this article. Hopefully, one of the fixes will help prevent your Vizio TV from restarting continuously

Vizio TV Keeps Restarting


Maybe it’s just an update – your TV may restart a couple of times during an update. Before trying to fix it, wait for 15-20 minutes to rule out this option. 

Power cycle your VIZIO TV.

Replace damaged cables (primarily power cables) – plug your TV directly into the wall outlet.

Check your remote – the power button is maybe stuck.

Disable Sleep Timer and Auto Power Off. Switch your TV’s power mode to Quick Start.

Disable HDMI CEC.

Check for updates.

Eliminate interference coming from other TVs.

Factory reset your TV.

Why Is My Vizio TV Constantly Restarting?

As you will see, these issues can either be from within the TV’s operating system or from an external source like the power supply. The TV might repeatedly be restarting because:

  • There is a problem with the power supply to the TV, or the power cables are damaged.
  • The system firmware is outdated, causing incompatibility with other TV features.
  • Components within the TV could be damaged or overheating, causing the TV to restart consistently. 
  • The TV settings can also cause the TV to keep restarting. 
  • HDMI ports/cables could also be damaged. 
  • A stuck remote key and a software bug are other possible culprits.

The suggestions below will help stop the TV from constantly restarting; try them out before contacting Vizio or any technician. 

1. Wait

The first thing you should do is wait in case the TV is updating, and it needs to restart each time it is done updating particular features. 

When downloading the updates, the TV downloads one after the other hence why the TV might be restarting multiple times. It may seem like it keeps restarting for no reason, but it’s because of an update.

But do not wait too long; the maximum should be fifteen minutes, and if nothing happens, try the next suggestion. 

2. Power Cycle the TV

Your VIZIO TV can malfunction and start rebooting every few minutes because of a bug that can easily be sorted by cutting all power supply to the TV.

The steps below show how you can power cycle the TV.

  • Power off the TV and unplug it from the wall outlet.
  • Unplug and restart all auxiliary devices connected to the TV.
  • While the TV is off, press and hold the power button on the TV to ensure any residual power is expelled. 
  • Reconnect all the devices you disconnected.
  • Power on the TV and check if the problem has disappeared. 

If you notice the TV is overheating, power it off and wait for at least thirty minutes for it to cool off before restarting it. Also, if overheating is the problem, schedule an appointment with a technician to accurately diagnose and fix the TV. 

How to Power Cycle Your VIZIO TV

3. Check the TV’s Power Supply

The TV could randomly be going off and on because of an unstable power supply or a malfunctioning power outlet. 

If you use a surge protector with your TV, try connecting your Vizio TV directly to the power outlet and observe if it stays on. If it stays on, the problem is with the protector, not the TV. 

Also, try switching power outlets around the home in case one of them is faulty. 

Remember to inspect all cables and ports on the TV for any damage. 

You can also try switching inputs and if that solves your problem, schedule a service visit since the problem is likely to spread to the other ports. 

4. Troubleshoot the Remote

If the power key is lodged in a weird manner that makes the buttons stuck, especially the power button, it can interfere with the TV.

You can troubleshoot the remote by removing the batteries and pressing all the buttons at least twice or thrice. 

Then return the batteries and check if the TV is still misbehaving. Also, observe if the TV still restarts while the remote batteries are out. Suppose it does, then the remote I not the problem. 

Fixing a VIZIO TV Remote

5. Change Power Management Setting on the TV

Vizio TVs have power management features that help conserve energy and prolong the TV’s life. These settings are essential, but due to the regular updates, Vizio Smartcast sometimes encounters problems with the features that cause the TV to malfunction and keep restarting nonstop. 

These settings are:

Sleep Timer

The sleep timer is meant to automatically switch off the TV after 30, 60, 120, and 180 minutes intervals. Try deactivating the timer to see if that works for you. 

To deactivate it, navigate to Menu > System > Timers > Sleep Timer and use the right and left navigation keys to scroll through the minutes and select Off. 

Sleep Timer

Auto Power Off

This feature turns off the TV after ten minutes of inactivity. But it can misbehave and cause problems such as the TV constantly restarting.

You can disable it by navigating Menu > System > Timers > Auto Power Off > Off.

Auto Power Off

Power Modes

Vizio TVs have different power modes you can access by navigating Menu > System > Power Mode, then shuffle between Eco and Quick Setup and observe if the TV keeps restarting. 

Power Mode

6. Disable CEC Settings

CEC HDMI settings allow you to control devices connected via HDMI using any of the device’s remotes. 

For instance, if a Vizio TV and soundbar are connected via HDMI, you can control some features of both devices using either of their remotes.

Some users who have disabled CEC have noticed that it solves the problem. You can disable it by selecting Menu > System > CEC and selecting Off/disable

Remember to disable CEC on all inputs since settings have to be changed for each input individually. 

disable CEC

7. Check for Firmware Updates

Outdated firmware can also affect the TV’s usual functioning and cause incompatibility between the TV and other devices. Furthermore, this could cause your Vizio TV to keep restarting.

Also, some updates are provided to solve such problems if they result from a widespread bug in Vizio’s systems. 

You can check for updates on Vizio TVs by navigating Menu > Admin & Privacy > Check for Updates.

Check for Updates

If there are updates, the TV will prompt you to confirm a download, and if it is up to date, the message “The TV is up-to-date” will appear. 

8. Remove Any Signal Interference

If you have more than one Vizio TV or any other brand of TV, signals from one remote can interfere with the other, causing one or both Vizio TVs to keep rebooting. 

Therefore, if you have more than one remote control in your home, remove the batteries from one and observe if the TV stops rebooting over and over. 

This is a rare possibility, but it is still a possibility, so it is important to rule it out.

9. Factory Reset the TV

If all the suggestions here fail to fix your TV, it might be time to perform a factory reset

The reset will erase all settings that were not on the TV when you purchased it and, in the process, clear any bugs in the system. Some of these bugs might have caused constant restarting of your VIZIO TV.

If the TV stays on long enough to allow you access to the settings, you can reset it using the following procedure;

  • Press the Menu key on the remote.
  • Go to Admin & Privacy > Reset to Factory Settings.
  • Enter your System PIN or use 000 if you still use the default PIN.
  • The message “Select Reset to restore all TV settings to factory defaults and clear all account information” will appear on the screen.
  • Navigate Reset, click OK and wait for the TV to reset and restart. 

VIZIO TV – Step-by-Step Factory Reset Procedure

If the TV does not stay on long enough, you can use the buttons on the TV to reset it. The procedure is;

  • Press and hold the Input and Volume Down keys while the TV is on.
  • Keep holding the buttons until a notification appears on the screen asking you to press the Input button.
  • Press the Input button on the TV for ten seconds.
  •  The TV will notify you that the memory is being cleared.
  • Wait for it to restart and set it up afresh, then observe if the problem persists. 

VIZIO TV – Manual Factory Reset

Newer Vizio TV models can be reset by pressing and holding the power button for twenty seconds while the TV is on. The resetting procedure may vary slightly depending on the TV model; therefore, consult your user manual for precise instructions if the ones here do not apply to your TV. 


The only option left, if none of the previous suggestions worked, is to contact Vizio’s customer care for further assistance. The above troubleshooting measures will clear any temporary or simple software and hardware issues that could have been interfering with the TV and causing constant restarting of your Vizio TV.

Vizio’s customer care team will either send a representative or schedule a replacement if the TV is still under warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why won’t My Vizio TV Turn On?

Answer: Your Vizio TV might not be turning on because there is no power supply to the TV. Or, the cables supplying power, video, or audio signals might be damaged.

The backlight could also be damaged, making the TV look like it is not on, although it is on. Also, some components could be damaged, interrupting the normal flow of power within the TV. 

Question: Why is my Vizio TV updating over and over?

Answer: Vizio TVs can have multiple updates at once, and it might look like it is repeatedly updating. Give it time to finish the updates if this happens to your TV.

It could also be because of a poor internet connection or a system malfunction. A corrupt power supply can also cause your VIZIO TV to constantly restart, preventing it from finishing the updates.


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