Hulu Not Working on Vizio Smart TV (Try These Fixes)

TVs have gradually become a common electronic in homes and businesses. They offer endless entertainment and act as a window to the rest of the world, making a quality TV a coveted item. Most manufacturers make high-end televisions that adequately serve the interests of many, but their prices are usually too high for some people to consider getting one for themselves. 

Vizio has been filling this gap over the years with its televisions and soundbars. Vizio TVs are among the cheapest in the market, so they are a favorite among many. The TVs have high resolutions and all other features considered necessary for a modern TV. Albeit all these qualities, Vizio TVs have some annoying drawbacks that greatly impact the watching experience. One such problem is that Hulu might stop working, leaving you stranded and missing your favorite shows. 

This article looks into what can cause Hulu to stop working on your VIZIO TV and all the troubleshooting measures you should take before regarding the TV as useless. 

Hulu Not Working on Vizio Smart TV


Check your internet connection – test your speed, check cables and connectors, restart your router, and check for internet service outages.

Your TV might not support Hulu – some older VIZIO TV models stopped supporting Hulu in 2018.

Check for the Hulu service outage. 

Reboot your TV (soft, then hard reboot), along with your modem and router.

If you’re getting a Hulu error code, Google that specific code and try to figure out what that code means.

Update your TV’s firmware.

Factory reset your TV.

Use a streaming device that supports Hulu (Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku, Chromecast with Google TV, etc.).

Why is Hulu Not Working On My Vizio TV?

The primary cause for Hulu failing on a Vizio TV is often a poor or no internet connection

Other causes include:

  • A poor or no internet connection
  • Outdated TV firmware
  • A bug in the TV’s firmware
  • Hulu could be facing a temporary service outage
  • Some TVs cannot support Hulu because of their outdated firmware and hardware. 

Most of the above problems are easy to solve at home with the correct guidance. Therefore, keep reading and find out what you can do to get Hulu working. 

Check Your Internet

Hulu is a streaming service that brings all your favorite shows to your palm. Therefore, the service requires a stable internet connection to function correctly. 

You can check the internet speeds using Vizio’s Network Test option or any website that provides the service. and are such websites that offer network testing services. You require a device with an internet connection and a web browser to use these websites. 

Then you can text the network strength by visiting any of these websites, and some of them will automatically analyze the network your device is on. 

For others, you might have to initiate the process by clicking “Go” or something similar. 

You can also use the Network Test Feature on your TV by navigating Network>Test Connection, and the TV will display information about the connection, including the speed. 

Test Connection

Hulu recommends at least 3Mbps to stream standard quality videos and up to 16Mbps for 4K content. However, you can also watch videos with 1.5Mbps, but the video would probably lag, especially if other devices are utilizing the network. 

Hulu recommends at least 3Mbps to stream standard quality videos

If you discover that the internet speeds are unreliable, you can do the following things to strengthen your internet.

  • Move the router closer to the TV.
  • Use an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi.
  • Remove other devices on the network that are not using the internet. 
  • Reset or restart the router.
  • Contact your internet service provider. 

The video below shows how to connect your Vizio Smart TV to the internet. 

How to Connect a VIZIO TV to the Internet

Is the TV Supported

As Vizio keeps increasing the portfolio of TV models under its belt, older models often stop receiving firmware support. 

Most streaming services will also stop supporting old TVs because the customer experience would be negatively affected if they did nothing. Therefore, there is a chance that your Vizio TV no longer receives Hulu support. 

Vizio TVs manufacturers after 2016 have Hulu support, but that is bound to change as years progress. You can check this list if your TV is among those that are no longer compatible with Hulu. 

You can access your TV’s system information by navigating Menu > Admin & Privacy > System Information. Note that the steps may differ depending on the model; therefore, consult the user manual for instructions specific to your TV. 

You can always use a streaming device if your TV is listed. 

Power Cycle the TV and Router

A power cycle will allow your TV to reboot afresh and start all its processes correctly in case a software bug is what is affecting how Hulu works. 

There are two ways to restart the TV. You can do a soft power cycle or a hard power cycle

Use the remote to navigate Menu > Admin & Privacy > Reboot TV and wait for the TV to restart. That is what a soft power cycle is. 

Reboot TV

A hard power cycle, on the other hand, entails discharging any power within the TV by completely cutting the power supply to the TV. The procedure is:

  • Unplug the TV from the power outlet.
  • Disconnect all other devices connected to the TV.
  • Press and hold the power button on the TV for at least twenty seconds. 
  • Power on the TV as you normally would and check if Hulu works. 

Also, restart the router and other network devices that help the TV connect to the internet. 

Is Hulu Down?

Sometimes Hulu could have issues on their end, and the problem has nothing to do with your TV. 

You can confirm if this is the case by visiting any Hulu social media account like Twitter, where they share news about downtimes and service interruptions. 

Hulu Support

Image Credit – Hulu Support Twitter Account

You can also contact Hulu to inquire if there is a problem from their end, as you also ask for further troubleshooting suggestions. 

Other similar causes could be that Hulu is unavailable in your region as it is currently only available in the U.S.A. If this is the case for you, consider using a VPN program and setting your location to the United States. 

More information on Hulu and its international availability is available here

Update Your TV’s Firmware

Outdated firmware can also affect the operation of other apps on your Vizio TV. Updates are also necessary because they enhance app functionality and patch any errors with the OS. 

To update your Vizio TV firmware navigate Menu > Admin & Privacy > Check for Updates, and if one is available, the TV will ask you to confirm a download. 

Check for Updates

If the TV is up to date, the message The TV is up-to-date will appear on the screen. 

Updating a VIZIO TV

Use the Error Codes

Another less common troubleshooting measure is using the error codes on the screen when you try to access Hulu. A google search of any error code appearing on the screen when Hulu fails can reveal the exact issue and how you can solve it.

Factory Reset the Television

A drastic measure is to erase all settings that did not come with the TV from the manufacturer. 

A factory reset will undo all settings, erase information on the TV, and hopefully clear any bugs or errors affecting Hulu.

You can reset a Vizio TV with the remote control or use the buttons on the TV. 

Go to Menu > Admin & Privacy > Reset to Factory Settings to reset using the remote.

Resetting a VIZIO TV to Factory Settings

Then enter the system PIN (the default PIN is 0000) to confirm the update, and the message informing you that reset will erase all account information will pop on the screen

When it does, select Reset>OK and wait as the TV resets and restarts. 

Use a Streaming Gadget

The last resort is to use a streaming device that has Hulu. If all the suggestions above fail, you can still catch your favorite shows on Hulu through devices like a Roku stick, an Apple TV box, or a Chromecast dongle. 

The downside with this option is that it will cost you, and some of these streaming devices can be expensive. 

Best Streaming Gadgets for Hulu
Roku Streaming Stick 4KApple TV 4KFire TV Stick 4K
Check Price On AmazonCheck Price On AmazonCheck Price On Amazon


The suggestions above will ensure your Hulu account works as it should. If it still does not work, contact Hulu’s customer service desk for further assistance, and remember to inform them of all the solutions you have tried. 

Alternatively, you can contact Vizio’s customer service team and request a service visit if you suspect the problem originates from the TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I reinstall the Hulu app on my Vizio Smart TV?

Answer: Vizio SmartCast TVs do not allow users to install and uninstall apps; only Vizio has that mandate. 

But if the Hulu app is missing on your Vizio TV, restart it after ensuring the internet connection is reliable. You can also reset the TV to clear any system bugs that might be causing the app to disappear. 

Question: How do you reset apps on a VIZIO Smart TV?

Answer: You can reset apps on Vizio TVs with SmartCast by resetting the TV. However, some apps can allow you to clear data relating to those particular apps; therefore, it depends on the app. 

Navigate to Menu > Admin & Privacy > Reset to Factory Settings to reset all the apps on your Vizio TV. 

Question: Did Vizio stop supporting Hulu?

Answer: Vizio still supports Hulu; however, the service is available on Vizio TVs produced after 2016. The complete list of Vizio TVs without Hulu support is available here.

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