Vizio TV Keeps Freezing (Troubleshooting Tips)

Vizio has a wide range of television sets that are always well-received in the market. People love Vizio because they offer products with quality features at an affordable price, which is no different from their TVs

Although the TVs are a favorite for many, sometimes, they malfunction, making it hard for you to enjoy your movies and shows. A frequent malfunction is that the TV will freeze mid-streaming or when watching regular TV channels. There is no specific cause for this problem, but there are various solutions you can try that are bound to get the TV working again. Below are explanations of what might cause a VIZIO TV to freeze and what you can do to get it working.  

Vizio TV Keeps Freezing


Shift through inputs and see if the screen freezes on all inputs. If it’s just one input, you need to check the cables and connectors for that input.

If the screen freezes while streaming (Hulu, Netflix, YouTube), try using a different app. If the problem happens when using one specific app, the problem is in the app. If the problem is present across all apps, you need to check your internet connection. Test your speed, try using an Ethernet cable, contact your service provider for more information.

If the problem happens across all apps and inputs, the problem is in the TV.

If the TV is getting too hot, consider relocating it and providing better ventilation.

Reboot your TV. Try a soft reboot first. If that doesn’t work, try a hard reboot.

Check your remote for stuck buttons.

Try changing picture mode – it’s a long shot, but it may help.

Check for updates.

Factory reset your TV.

Check the Cables

You should first ensure that all cables are properly connected to the TV and power outlet. Confirm that HDMI and other connections between the TV and external devices are correctly made. Every plug must fit in its respective port. 

This is necessary because when a connection is loose or is done with a damaged cable or HDMI connector, the TV will have issues, including a constantly frozen screen. If you discover a damaged HDMI cable, replace it with a new high-quality cable.

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Check the Internet Speeds

Another primary cause of a frozen screen is poor internet speed or an unstable internet connection. When the internet connection is poor, the TV will take longer to load the content you are watching and result in severe cases of buffering that the screen will freeze the video. 

A quick way to check if the Internet connection is working and strong enough is to check whether other devices are loading content over the internet. 

You can also use the TV’s built-in connection test feature by pressing the Menu key on the remote and then navigating to Network > Test Connection. 

Test Connection

The TV will display your network information, including download speeds. Alternatively, use your phone or computer and visit any internet speed testing website like or and check your upload and download speeds. 

Different streaming platforms have different speed requirements for a seamless streaming experience. But on average, the download speeds should be between 1.5MBps and 3MBps for streaming standard definition videos. 

You can find the required internet speeds for Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube on their websites. 

Also, consider changing from a Wi-Fi to an Ethernet connection, even if the speeds seem fast enough to load content without buffering. That is because Wi-Fi networks are prone to interruptions that can render the network unusable even though it seems to work fine. Another option is to try a different Wi-Fi network.

Does the TV Freeze When on Other Inputs/Platforms?

Shifting between streaming platforms will help you determine whether the problem is isolated to one platform or affects every TV section.

If you notice that the TV freezes when you are on a certain platform like Netflix or YouTube, then the problem could be with the platform and not the TV. A quick way to figure this out is to press the Menu key, and if the Menu pops up, then the problem is most likely with the platform you are streaming from. 

If this is the case, find the platform’s social media handles and contact them, inquiring whether their services are down. 

On the other hand, if you notice that the TV freezes regardless of the platform you are on, unplug all secondary devices from the TV leaving only the Ethernet cable if you were using a wired connection and any device you were streaming from (if any). 

Then continue watching and see if the TV still freezes. 

Another option is to shuffle through input sources by pressing the input button on the TV or remote. Then get back to the input you were using and check if the TV still freezes and if it does, try other troubleshooting tips listed here. 

Change Input

Is the TV Overheating?

Overheating is a common but overlooked factor that can make the TV freeze frequently. It is important to ensure the TV is well-ventilated and the airholes on the back of the panel are not blocked by a cloth or anything else. 

If you suspect overheating, power off the TV and leave it off until it cools down, then restart it and observe if the screen is still freezing. Also, relocate the TV to a place with good air circulation and not too close to the wall. 

Should the TV resume normal functioning after cooling down and start freezing after running for some time, that could indicate a problem with the internal components. You should contact a qualified technician as soon as possible.

Power Cycle the TV

A power cycle or a restart solves a lot of electronics-related problems. When you switch off the TV, it shuts down all system processes, even the ones running in the background. 

Then when you restart it, the TV has an opportunity to set up these processes afresh, solving any temporary system malfunctions that could be causing the TV to freeze. 

You can conduct a soft power cycle by pressing the Menu key and going to System > Reset & Admin > Soft Power Cycle > Yes, and wait for the TV to restart. Alternatively, go to Admin & Privacy > Reboot.

Reboot TV

A soft power cycle restarts the TV without completely cutting power to the TV. 

If you cannot access the Menu or the soft power cycle does not work, you can try a more aggressive power cycle. 


  • Power off the TV and unplug it from the power outlet.
  • Press and hold the power button for at least sixty seconds.
  • Power on the TV and check if the problem persists

How to Perform a Hard Power Cycle

A power cycle usually works, but it is a temporary solution, so be on the lookout for any further screen freezes. 

Check the Remote(s)

The remote is often an overlooked culprit for problems with the TV. If the TV keeps freezing, the remote could be responsible in any of the following ways:

  • A button (especially the pause button) could be stuck hence constantly sending signals to the TV.
  • Another remote could be sending pause signals or interfering with the TV’s screen because of CEC settings.

You can unstick any stuck remote keys by removing the battery from the remote and simultaneously pressing and holding the power button for fifteen seconds to drain any static power in the remote. Then press all the keys repeatedly, ensuring non is jammed, and finally, re-insert the batteries and observe if the TV still freezes.

You can temporarily disable CEC settings by pressing the Menu key, navigating to System > CEC, selecting CEC, and disabling the feature. 

HDMI CEC Settings

Change Picture Modes

 Although rarely, changing the TV’s picture settings can also cause it to freeze from time to time. Therefore, undo any recent picture-related settings and switch off any activated Advanced picture settings. You can access the Advanced picture settings by navigating Menu> Picture > Advanced Picture.

You can switch between picture modes using the PIC button on the remote if yours has one, or you can press the Menu key go to Picture > Picture Mode, and try the different picture modes. 

Picture Mode

Check if There Is a New Firmware Update Available

Firmware updates are usually rolled out to solve widespread problems that are affecting a lot of users. The updates also include features that better the user’s experience with the TV. 

Vizio TV software updates happen automatically but could sometimes be delayed, so it is important to check if any are available. 

You can do this through the Menu. Go to System>Check for Updates. Then press OK, and the TV will prompt you to confirm the download, and if it is up to date, it will also notify you. 

How to Update a VIZIO TV

A firmware update will also update any apps on the TV that could be misbehaving. 

Factory Reset the TV

The last resort is to factory reset the TV and restore the settings implemented on the TV by the manufacturer. 

Once you reset the TV, any settings you implemented will be erased, which can stop the TV from freezing in case the settings are causing a problem. A factory reset is also one way of clearing any system bugs on the TV’s firmware that are causing it to malfunction. 

You can reset the TV using the remote by pressing Menu, then going to System > Reset & Admin > Reset to Factory defaults. The TV will prompt you to enter the system PIN; if you have never updated this PIN, use the default 0000. 

Reset to Factory defaults

Once it restarts, you will have to set it up like a new TV since you cleared all pre-saved settings. 

Alternatively, you can press and hold the Power/Input key for twenty seconds to reset the TV manually. 


A frozen screen is often a sign of buffering that communicates that the internet connection is not as strong as it should be. Therefore, the first thing should be to check whether the TV is connected to the internet and that the internet is stable. Contact your service provider for further assistance if you realize that the problem results from a poor internet connection. 

If the TV still freezes after trying all the troubleshooting measures listed here, you should contact Vizio for further troubleshooting suggestions. If those fail, ask Vizio to send a technician to check on the TV, especially if it is under warranty. If they note that a damaged component within the TV is what is causing the screen to freeze, they will replace it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my Vizio TV from freezing?

You can stop your Vizio TV from freezing by ensuring it has a stable internet connection, as this would prevent buffering during streaming. You can also regularly check for system updates to ensure the TV’s firmware is always up to date. 

Other solutions to the freezing problem include; changing the picture modes, restarting the TV, and performing a factory reset. 

How do you hard reset a Vizio TV?

You can reset or hard reset a Vizio TV through the Menu by navigating System > Reset & Admin> Reset to Factory defaults.

Alternatively, press and hold the power/input key for twenty seconds, and the TV will reset.

Older Vizio TVs are reset by pressing and holding the Input and Volume Down keys until a notification on the screen instructs you to press and hold the Input key for ten seconds. Press and hold the Input key for ten seconds, and the TV will notify you when the reset starts.


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