Disney Plus Not Working on Vizio Smart TV (Try These Fixes)

More and more people are purchasing Vizio TVs. This is because the TVs come with various advanced features and applications that make them worth buying. Additionally, the TVs are fairly priced and have quality screens that enhance the watching experience. However, these TVs are not always trouble-free, and sometimes the applications on the TV might stop working without any apparent cause. One such app that can malfunction is the Disney Plus app

Fortunately, such issues are easy to diagnose and solve, provided you know where to look and what to do. So, keep reading for all the tips to troubleshoot your VIZIO TV’s Disney Plus app

Disney Plus Not Working on Vizio Smart TV


First of all, check if your TV supports Disney Plus. Disney Plus is supported on all SmartCast TVs produced from 2016 onwards. 

Disney Plus, as well as other apps on your VIZIO TV, rely on a stable internet connection. So, the first thing to check if the Disney Plus app doesn’t work is your internet connection.

If you’re getting some kind of error code from the Disney Plus app, google it and try to figure out what the code means.

The next step in troubleshooting your VIZIO TV would be to restart your TV.

Check if Disney Plus is Down – visit Disney Plus social media accounts and you may find the information about outages.

Try updating your TV.

Factory reset your TV.

If none of the solutions work, you may need to contact VIZIO support and ask them for help. In the meantime, you should consider buying a streaming stick that supports Disney Plus. 

Check the Internet Connection

Disney Plus is a streaming service that relies heavily on an internet connection. If the Internet is slow or the wireless signal weakens, you will encounter some problems with your Disney Plus service. 

Therefore, you must ensure the router and the TV are as close as possible if the TV is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi

A quick way to check whether the problem is with the internet connection is to see if other apps on the TV, like Netflix and Hulu, work as they should.

You can also test your connection speeds online using websites like Fast.com and speedtest.net. These websites will tell you how fast your Internet is. If you find they are slower than what you pay, consider troubleshooting the router or contacting your Internet Service Provider for further assistance. 

You can also test the Internet connection through the TV by pressing the Menu key and navigating to Network> Test Connection. The TV will reveal your connection information, such as the connection type and the internet speeds. 

Test Connection

Disney Plus recommends 5Mbps if you are streaming HD content and 25Mbps if you are streaming 4K content; therefore, ensure your internet speeds are within this range.

Disney Plus Recommended Speeds
HD Content 5 Mbps
4K UHD Content 25 Mbps

If your Internet speeds seem unsatisfactory, consider restarting the router and ensuring all internet-related cables on the TV and router are firmly connected. Also, you can disconnect some devices from the network to free up some bandwidth for your TV. 

Disney App Not Working – Troubleshooting Tip

Note the Error Codes

Sometimes when the Disney Plus app fails to work, it displays error codes that can help you diagnose the problem. 

If an error code is displayed any time you try to launch Disney Plus on your Vizio TV, note down the code and check what it means on Disney’s website. From there, it will be easier to sort it out.

Power Cycle the TV

If the Internet is working fine, consider restarting the TV. This will clear Disney Plus’s cache data, thus clearing any piled temporary data that might be causing the app not to function.

A restart will also allow the TV to restart all its system processes and, in the process, clear any bug that might be affecting the Disney Plus app. 

You have two options when it comes to restarting a VIZIO TV – soft and hard reboot. A soft reboot or soft power cycle is done through your TV’s Menu.

Soft Power Cycle

However, a soft power cycle is usually less effective than a hard reboot.

To perform a hard reboot on your VIZIO TV, power it off, then unplug it from the power outlet. Proceed to press and hold the power button on the TV for approximately sixty seconds to drain any residual power in the circuits. 

Then reconnect the TV to the power outlet, power it on as you normally would, and check whether the Disney app is working. 

You should also restart the router so that it reconnects afresh to the TV, ensuring any misconfigurations between the TV and your network infrastructure are solved. 

If Disney Plus is still not working, try other troubleshooting solutions provided here. 

Check if Disney Plus Is Down

Sometimes, although rarely, the Disney Plus service is unavailable because of system glitches on Disney’s end, and it has nothing to do with your TV. 

It is therefore important to check whether Disney Plus works on other devices in your home and if it does not, chances are your Internet connection is poor, or the Disney Plus service is down. 

You can confirm if it is down by visiting Disney’s social media pages, especially on Twitter. Another way to check if Disney Plus servers are down is to check if there have been any reports on Downdetector.com.  

If the service is down, your best bet is to wait for Disney to fix the problem, as they most likely are working on it. 

Disable any Content Filters

If you have an antivirus or AD blocking program installed on your network infrastructure, they might go rogue and start blocking access to Disney Plus. 

It is, therefore, important to disable any programs meant to filter the content that can be accessed via your home network. Once you disable said programs restart the TV and the router, then check whether Disney Plus is working. 

Check for Firmware Updates

Firmware updates are meant to introduce new TV features and fix any problems that might affect the TV’s service delivery. It is, therefore, important to ensure that your Vizio TV is using the latest firmware since outdated firmware can also affect how certain apps work. 

When you update the TV’s firmware, you will also install any Disney Plus updates available for installation. 

You can update the TV’s firmware by following the steps below;

  • Ensure the TV is connected to a working internet connection and press the Menu key on the remote.
  • Then navigate to Admin & Privacy and select Check for Updates.

Check for Updates

  • If any updates are available, the TV will prompt you to confirm a download, and if it is up to date, the TV will inform you. 

Note that Vizio TVs automatically download and install updates unless there is a problem with the Internet connection or if the TV malfunctions. 

Factory Reset the TV

If Disney Plus still does not work, you should factory reset the TV, and this will clear all settings on the TV and restore it to the default settings. 

The factory reset will clear any serious bugs affecting the Disney Plus app on your TV and allow you to set it up afresh. 

Before you reset the TV, note any settings you wish to retain and update them after the reset.

You can reset the TV by following the steps below:

  • Press the Menu key on the remote.
  • Go to Admin & Privacy, then select Reset to Factory Settings.

Reset to Factory Settings

  • The TV will then prompt you to enter the administration PIN; if you were using the default, it is 0000. 
  • The TV will then prompt you to confirm your choice.
  • Highlight the Reset option and click OK, then wait for the TV to reset and restart so you can set it up afresh. 

If you can’t use the remote, you can reset your VIZIO TV manually by pressing and holding the power button for 20sec (applies to SmartCast VIZIO TVs).

Power Input Button


Try a Streaming Device

If Disney Plus still does not work after all the above suggestions, then the problem might be more advanced and require you to contact a professional. 

In the meantime, you can use a streaming device like a Roku stick or an Amazon Fire Stick to continue enjoying the Disney Plus services. 

Streaming Sticks

Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Fire TV Stick 4K Max

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Roku Streaming Stick 4K

Roku Streaming Stick 4K

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Alternatively, you can connect a laptop to the TV via an HDMI cable and use Disney plus on the laptop through the TV.


Apps and features on Vizio TVs occasionally malfunction, and it should never be a sign of alarm. You can try the above solutions, and hopefully, the TV and Disney Plus will resume regular functioning. 

If the problems persist, contact Disney Plus’s customer care and notify them of the troubleshooting measure you have already tried. You can also contact Vizio if the problem is from their end and ask them for more troubleshooting tips. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I download Disney Plus on my Vizio Smart TV?

Answer: You do not need to download the Disney Plus app on your Vizio TV because the app comes pre-installed on all compatible TVs (SmartCast TVs). 

If you cannot find the app on your TV, try restarting the TV and the router. 

Question: How do I update Disney Plus on my Vizio Smart TV?

Answer: You cannot update individual apps on Vizio Smartcast, but the apps receive updates alongside the TV’s firmware updates. Therefore, ensure the TV is using the latest firmware, and you will be sure that Disney Plus is up to date. 

You can check for firmware updates on a Vizio TV by pressing the Menu key and navigating to Admin & Privacy > Check for Updates.

Question: Does Disney Plus work with Vizio TV?

Answer: Disney Plus works with all Vizio Smartcast TVs produced from 2016 and later.


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