How to Turn On Bluetooth On Samsung TV? (Step-by-Step Instructions)

The Bluetooth logo may be a combination of ancient alphabets. However, its functionality can also represent a letter ‘B’ for Bluetooth, juxtaposed with a cross – which means an exchange. Rightfully so, because Bluetooth is a technology that makes it possible for devices to exchange data at close range. Introduced in 1998, now there are five billion Bluetooth device shipments in a year. 

The number of new devices that employ Bluetooth technology is overwhelming, so much so that some people just couldn’t survive without Bluetooth. Today, almost all smart TVs have Bluetooth. However, not all TVs in use today have built-in Bluetooth. Although Samsung started making Bluetooth TV in 2007, not all models came with this feature until recently.

In this post, we will show you how to turn on Bluetooth on Samsung TVs. The first method is for Samsung TVs with Bluetooth built-in, and the second method is for old Samsung TVs without Bluetooth capabilities.

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Samsung TV


The first thing you need to figure out is whether your TV supports Bluetooth or not.

If your TV comes with a smart remote, it definitely supports Bluetooth. If you see the Bluetooth speaker list after navigating to Settings > Sound > Sound Output, your TV supports Bluetooth. In both cases, the Bluetooth on your Samsung TV is enabled by default.

If you don’t see the Bluetooth speaker list, but you’re absolutely certain that your TV supports Bluetooth, your Bluetooth connection might have been disabled in the Service Menu. You will need to access your TV’s service menu and enable Bluetooth.

To access the Service Menu, follow these instructions. Turn off the TV. While the TV is turned off, press the MUTE button followed by this sequence: 1-8-2. Turn on the TV. You should see your TV’s Service Menu. In your Service Menu, navigate to Options > MRT. In the MRT menu, enable the following features: BT Support, Voice Recognition, and Samsung Smart Control. Then, go back to Options > Engineer > Enable BT_AUDIO_ON/OFF.

If your TV doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can make it Bluetooth-enabled by connecting a Bluetooth transmitter to it.

Checking if Your Samsung TV Supports Bluetooth

Samsung TV’s Smart Remote only operates via Bluetooth. So, if our Samsung TV comes with the Smart Remote, you know the TV supports Bluetooth.

Samsung TV's Smart Remote

If you don’t have the Smart Remote, do the following test to see if there is Bluetooth:

  • Go to the TV’s Settings.
  • Select the Sound option.
  • Followed by the Sound Output option.
  • If your TV has built-in Bluetooth, you will see a Bluetooth Speaker List option. 

Bluetooth Speaker List

Unlocking Bluetooth on Samsung Smart TV

In some Samsung TV models, like the MU6290, the Bluetooth feature doesn’t appear automatically. It would help if you dug it out from the TV, and the process involves accessing the sensitive service menu.

If you make a mistake, it could damage your expensive TV beyond repair. But, stick to the following method strictly, and you should be able to enable Bluetooth:

  • Currently, there’s no Bluetooth speaker List option in the Sound Output Settings, which means no Bluetooth.
  • Firstly, press the Off button on the remote.
  • After a few seconds, press the Mute button, followed by 1, 8, 2, then the Power button.
  • It will turn on the TV again, but you’ll be directed to the Service Menu.
  • You will view many options in the Service Menu, but there are only a few options you need to set up to open up the Bluetooth feature. Strictly, do not play around with options other than what we are showing here.
  • Navigate your remote to the Options Menu.
  • Then, select MRT Option.
  • Next, toggle on BT Support.
  • Toggle on Voice Recognition.
  • Toggle on Samsung Smart Control.
  • Go back to the previous Menu and select the Engineer Option.
  • Toggle on BT_AUDIO_ON/OFF.
  • Turn off the TV to exit the Service Menu page.
  • Repeat the sound setting process.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Choose Sound, then Sound Output.
  • Now you should see the Bluetooth Speaker List option available.
  • Hit the Bluetooth Speaker List option, and you should see a list of paired adjacent Bluetooth speakers up for connection.
  • In addition, you can also add other Bluetooth devices like the keyboard via the General settings > External Devices manager.

Unlocking Bluetooth features on Samsung TV

Connecting Using a Bluetooth Transmitter

Are you still using an old Samsung TV that has no Bluetooth capabilities, but you want to connect your TV to Bluetooth headphones and other devices? No Bluetooth – no problems! You just need a small piece of equipment called a Bluetooth transmitter.

How to Connect and Use a Bluetooth Transmitter

Once your TV has Bluetooth capabilities, you can connect several Bluetooth-enabled devices to experience enhanced TV viewing pleasure. Let’s get started with the various devices.

Best Bluetooth Transmitters for Samsung TVs

Avantree Orbit

Avantree Orbit

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Sennheiser BT T100

Sennheiser BT T100

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Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Samsung TV

Headphones are fabulous if you want to watch your favorite shows or video music with private audio only you can listen to. It’s so easy to pair them with your TV. With Bluetooth available, you can pair them without needing additional equipment. You just need a remote and follow these instructions:

  • Press the pairing button on the headphones. If you want to pair earbuds, open up the case, and they will automatically enter pairing mode.
  • Then, head to your remote and hit the Home button.
  • The Smart Hub page will open. Direct the cursor to the All Settings option at the far left of the TV screen.
  • Then, press the Sound option.
  • Next, press the Sound Output option.
  • Hit the Bluetooth Speaker List to view a list of Bluetooth devices.
  • Select your headphones or earbuds name.
  • After that, proceed to Pair and Connect by pressing the Enter button.
  • With that, your device links to your Samsung TV via Bluetooth connectivity.

 Connecting Galaxy Buds to Samsung TV

Connecting a Bluetooth Soundbar to Samsung TV

While your Samsung TV can give you top-notch audio quality, a soundbar can raise your TV sound to the next level. The following steps will allow you to output sound from your TV through a soundbar via Bluetooth:

  • Take your soundbar remote and turn it on.
  • Press the Source button – you can see BT Ready on your soundbar display.
  • Now, press and hold the BT Pair button – the message display will change to BT Pairing.
  • Then shift to your TV remote and start the Bluetooth settings.
  • When you reach the Bluetooth Speaker List, select your soundbar name, which should appear in the list.
  • That’s it; your TV sound now comes from the soundbar. 

 Connecting a Soundbar to Samsung TV via Bluetooth

Connecting Bluetooth Speakers to Samsung TV

Like soundbars, speakers elevate your TV’s sound quality, even more so when you need a surround sound experience. You can connect your Bluetooth speaker with the following methods:

  • Start at your TV’s main menu.
  • Go to the left and select Settings.
  • Then, select Sound Output in the quick setting bar.
  • Next, select Bluetooth Speaker List and hit Enter.
  • Now, press the BT Pairing button on our speaker to put it in pairing mode.
  • You should now see your speaker name – select your speaker.
  • Press Pair and Connect, and your speakers are ready to play your TV sound.

 Connecting a Bluetooth Speaker to a Samsung TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there Bluetooth in all Samsung TVs?

Answer: No, not all Samsung TVs have Bluetooth capabilities. Some old TV models don’t have built-in Bluetooth. However, you can buy a Bluetooth transmitter or dongle to enable the connection of numerous auxiliary equipment to enhance your Samsung TV viewing.

Question: Can I add Bluetooth to my TV without Bluetooth? 

Answer: Yes, but you need to buy a Bluetooth transmitter and connect it to your TV via the audio output port at the back. Then, power on the Bluetooth transmitter, and it will start the pairing mode with any Bluetooth device nearby.

Question: I want to turn off Bluetooth on my Samsung TV. How should I do it?

Answer: You can follow these steps:

  • Use the remote to navigate to the menu.
  • Select System.
  • Next, find and select Wireless Connections.
  • Then, choose Bluetooth Devices.
  • To turn it off, hit the Turn Off option.


That’s how easy it is to turn on Bluetooth on your Samsung TV, provided your TV has built-in Bluetooth. With this vital technology, you can easily connect other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as headphones, speakers, soundbars, gaming consoles, and keyboards.

We have also disclosed how you can unlock the Bluetooth capability hidden in some Samsung TV models. In addition, if you own a Samsung TV without Bluetooth, you can still use a Bluetooth transmitter to aid in pairing Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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