Sony TV Has No Sound (Try These Easy Hacks)

It is Friday evening, and you are ready to relax after working hard all week. You sit down on the couch with your favorite beverage and popcorn and turn on your Sony TV, only to discover that there is no sound!

You troubleshoot it for a few minutes but still can’t get any sound. Looks like you’ll have to find something else to do tonight.

Well, if your Sony TV suddenly has no sound, don’t panic. There is a number of possible reasons for this and, in most cases, the problem can be fixed without having to replace your TV or the built-in speakers. The specific sound issue you’re experiencing will depend on the model of your TV and any accessories you have connected to it.

This article will explore possible troubleshooting tips you can perform on your TV to solve the existing sound issue.

Sony TV Has no Sound


Check the volume

Check if the sound is muted

Connect a different audio source (speaker, soundbar) to your TV to see if there’s a problem with your built-in speakers

Set your Sony TV speakers to ON

Power cycle the TV

Check the Condition of Wires and External Devices Connected to the TV

Check if The Sound Issue is Originating from the Streaming Device You are Using

Reset the Sound Settings on Your TV

Reset Your TV to factory default settings

1. Troubleshot Your Sony TV

If your Sony TV has no sound, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to try and fix the issue. 

First, unplug the TV from the wall socket and plug it back in. This will power-reset the TV and might fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, try checking the audio settings on the TV. Ensure that the volume is set properly and turned up. You can also try connecting the TV to a different audio source, such as a soundbar or home theater system. If none of these troubleshooting steps work, try out the following steps to resolve the issue.

2. Turn the TV’s Volume Up

If you’re having trouble hearing the audio on your Sony TV, it might be due to damage to the speakers. The speakers might be damaged but not necessarily broken.

However, this can often be fixed by simply turning up the volume. In many cases, old or worn-out speakers will only produce sound at higher volumes. So, if you want to improve the sound quality of your TV, try turning up the volume and see if that makes a difference.

3. Check the Wires and External Devices

Be sure to double-check the connections between your TV and other devices. Wires can be easily overlooked but play an important role in ensuring the optimal performance of your TV. Check for any fraying or damages.

Also, if your TV is connected to external devices that have built-in speakers, disconnect them. Some eternal devices might block any sound signal coming from the TV hence making it stay mute.

4. Ensure That the TV is Not Muted

Your Sony Tv might not produce Sound because it is muted. While most TV displays a mute message on the TV screen, did you know that some TVs don’t? So how can you tell if your Sony TV is muted?

Simply press the “Mute” button on your remote. This will ensure that your Sony TV isn’t muted.

press the mute button

5. Ensure that Your Sony TV Speakers Are Set to ON

Navigate to the TV’s setting and ensure that your TV speakers are turned ON. To do this, go to the sound/audio section and make sure it says something like “Sony Speakers.” or “TV Speakers.”

TV speakers

If the sound section says something different, this simply means that your TV is not sure where it is supposed to play the Sound.

6. Check Your Streaming Devices

If you’re experiencing a problem hearing the audio coming from your streaming device on your Sony TV, there are a few things you can check.

First, make sure that the Sound is set to play through the Sony TV speakers and not somewhere else. To perform this, go into the settings on your device and look for the audio output options.

For example, if you’re watching a show using an Amazon Fire TV stick, check the audio settings on the Fire TV and ensure the Sound is outputting through your TV’s speakers.

If that doesn’t work, try restarting your streaming device. Sometimes, all it takes is just a simple reboot to fix the problem.

7. Reset Your Sound Settings (and Your TV)

Well, at this stage, you might already be tired and almost giving up on your TV. Do not give up; all is not lost just yet. 

You could try resetting your TV’s sound settings to factory defaults. That will not reset all the other settings, just the sound settings. So, all your apps and custom-made adjustments will stay intact.

How to Reset Sound Settings on a Sony Bravia TV

If resetting the sound settings doesn’t help, you could reset the entire TV. When you reset your TV, you will erase all settings and restore it back to the factory defaults. By doing so, your TV will function as it was predestined by the manufacturer.

To do a factory reset on your TV using a remote control, navigate to the reset section in the main menu of your Sony TV. In the reset section, look for options that are either named “factory reset,” “erase settings,” “reset settings,” “reset to factory default,” or something related to these options.

Select the appropriate reset option in the reset menu of your TV to permanently delete any problematic settings that might be interfering with the sound features of your TV.

How to Factory Reset a Sony TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Suddenly, my Sony TV has no sound? Why is this happening and what should I do?

Answer: There could be several reasons why the sound on your Sony TV has stopped working. The first thing you should check is whether the Sound is turned off or muted.

If it is, simply turn the Sound back ON. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your TV. If that doesn’t fix the problem, there could be an issue with your TV’s audio settings. Make sure that the audio output on your TV is correctly set. Finally, if none of these solutions work, there could be a problem with your TV’s speakers.

Question: How can I get the Sound back on my Sony TV?

Answer: You can get the Sound back on your TV by correcting the sound settings on your Sony TV. In the main menu, select sound settings>Sound>Reset>. In the sound settings, select “Speakers” as “TV speakers.”

Question: Why is my Sony TV volume not working?

Answer: Check and make sure that you have not muted your TV. Also, ensure that the volume is not turned down or OFF in your TV app. Navigate the volume settings of your Sony app and turn the volume ON if it was turned OFF or LOW.

Question: How do I reboot my Sony TV?

Answer: If your Sony TV isn’t working properly, you may need to reboot it. To do this, first, unplug the TV from the power outlet. After the TV is disconnected from the power source, press and hold the power button on the TV for 30 seconds before plugging it back into the power source.

Question: How do I unmute my TV?

Answer: You can unmute your TV by pressing the mute button on your TV remote. Also, you can unmute your TV by increasing the volume. Click the volume UP button on your TV to increase the TV volume to your desired level.

Final Thoughts

There are several possible reasons why the sound on your Sony TV stopped working. In most cases, the Sound of your Sony TV will stop working either because there is a problematic setting in your TV or because there is an issue with your external device, such as the soundbar. 

Also, if your TV is old, normal wear and tear can cause the Sound of your Sony TV to stop working.

If you have implemented all the above steps and have not succeeded in restoring sound, you may need to consider contacting Sony customer service for assistance.

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