How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony TV? (Various Ways to Mirror Your iPhone to Your Sony TV)

Sony is famous for producing quality products and setting the bar for other players in the market. Sony TVs live up to this standard with excellent picture quality and additional features that enhance the user experience. 

A common feature that comes in handy from time to time is screen mirroring. It allows users to view what is on their phones on Sony TV screens. Although popular, most people might face challenges when mirroring their screens from iPhones since the procedure slightly differs from Android phones. 

That is why we will illustrate how to mirror content from your iPhone to a Sony TV and alternatives in case any method malfunctions.

Ensure your television has the latest software before commencing the steps below. An outdated operating system might not be responsive as expected.

How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony TV

1. Using Airplay 2

Apple’s Airplay 2 is a feature built into Sony TVs specifically meant for screen mirroring and controlling music playback. The feature is supported on iPhone 5 and later versions. Unfortunately, not all Sony TVs support the feature, and the procedure for mirroring your screen will depend on the TV’s operating system. 

Some of the Sony TVs that support Airplay 2 are listed on Apple’s website, and more are on Sony’s website. The procedure below applies to Sony TVs with Android and Google TV operating systems. 

Airplay-enabled SONY TVs should have this symbol

Below, you have a detailed explanation on how to screen mirror to Sony TV using Airplay 2.

How to Mirror Using Airplay

Before anything, you should ensure all your devices use the latest software. Also, ensure the TV and iPhone are on the same home network to enable screen mirroring. 

  • Turn on Airplay or ensure it is on by pressing your TV remote’s Source/Input button.
  • You should see Airplay among the options that pop up. If not, select the Edit option, navigate to Airplay, select Airplay, and press Back
  • Next, select Airplay, then select Airplay & HomeKit Settings
  • Then, select the Airplay option, and it should indicate ON to show that Airplay has been activated. 
  • Open the Control Center on your iPhone. 
  • Select Screen Mirroring then select the Sony TV from the list of devices (it is the same as the TV model, e.g., SONY XBR43-XB00H). 
  • If prompted for a password, it should be displayed on your TV screen, and your iPhone screen should appear on the TV. 

Screen Mirroring iPhone to Sony TV Using Airplay/Airplay 2

2. Using Chromecast built-in

Chromecast built-in is a Google proprietary software that enables screen mirroring streamed content on compatible devices, e.g., Sony TVs. 

It is important to note that Chromecast built-in is customized for select services and applications; therefore, it cannot mirror everything from your phone. A list of Chromecast-compatible applications is available here

The feature is supposed to provide a swift, efficient way to mirror videos, pictures, and music on Sony smart TVs. 

Also, before you use Chromecast built-in, ensure your iPhone and TV are on the same network and have the latest software updates. Essentially, gadgets with iOS 7 and later are supported. 

Then, launch a Chromecast-compatible application like YouTube or Google Photos and tap the cast icon. It is usually on the top right corner but can also be found on any of the corners of a video control interface on your phone. 

tap on your TV's model name

Next, tap on your TV’s model name, and the video, photo, or song on your phone should appear on the TV. 

Although this procedure does not represent actual screen mirroring, it comes close since most apps are Chromecast built-in compatible. 

Screen Mirroring iPhone to Sony TV Using Chromecast

3. Using Wi-Fi Direct

A primary way of mirroring content from your screen to a Sony TV is to use the Wi-Fi Direct feature. Wi-Fi Direct is an alternative, especially for older Sony TV brands that do not support Airplay. 

Wi-Fi Direct allows devices to form peer-to-peer wireless connections without needing an access point. One of the devices works as an access point that broadcasts Wi-Fi while the other device joins the network using WPA/WPA2 protocols. The feature is in various devices, including printers, mobile phones, and TVs. 

However, you need a third-party app like iMediaShare to use Wi-Fi direct since you cannot mirror your screen just by enabling Wi-Fi direct on the TV. 

Sony televisions with the Wi-Fi Direct feature are listed here

How to Screen Mirror Through Wi-Fi Direct

  • Open Settings by clicking the Quick Settings on the remote for TVs produced from 2019. Then navigate to SettingsAlternatively, use the Home key on then Settings
  • Turn on your TV’s Wi-Fi by navigating Network & Internet > Wi-Fi >ON for Android 9 and later. For earlier versions use Network >Advanced settings >Built-in Wi-Fi >ON
  • Enable Wi-Fi Direct by navigating Home>Settings> Network & Accessories>Network> Wi-Fi Direct>ON for versions before Android 8 Oreo (for later versions, skip this step).
  • Go to Settings>Network or Network & Internet>Wi-Fi Direct> Wi-Fi Direct settings>Show Network (SSID)/Password
  • Note the Wi-Fi name and password 
  • Search for available Wi-Fi networks from your iPhone and connect to the SSID displayed on the TV screen. A Wi-Fi connected notification will appear on the TV screen if the connection is successful. The password was shown in the last step in (5) above. 
  • Once connected, launch your mirroring app and start sharing your screen.

The way of casting to the Sony TV will depend on the app. For instance, here is the procedure when using iMediashare. 

How to Mirror iPhone to SONY TV Using iMediashare

Some apps might not require you to use direct Wi-Fi; therefore, find out how they operate before downloading. 

The procedure above applies to Android/Google TV OS. Procedures for enabling Wi-Fi direct in older models are available on Sony’s website

A Few More Things About Screen Mirroring

The screen mirroring methods discussed above work mainly with smart TVs. So, if your TV is an older model that cannot wirelessly connect, you can rely on an HDMI adapter

HDMI adapter

Once you connect the TV with your iPhone, switch to the HDMI input your phone is connected to, and you should see your screen mirrored. 

Alternatively, if you prefer wireless methods, you can use accessories like a Chromecast dongle, Roku streaming sticks, Amazon Firestick, or an Apple TV smart set-top box. These enable wireless connectivity through Airplay 2 since the feature is pre-installed. 

How to Airplay from Your iPhone to a SONY TV

Note that you will experience some lag, especially when handling graphics-intensive tasks such as gaming. 


The above procedures will help you view content played on your iPhone on a bigger Sony screen. Therefore, if you wish to share photos, watch videos, or listen to music, mirroring your screen will enhance the experience.

Remember that the steps for each Sony TV might vary depending on the model or operating system. Although you should not worry if finding instructions for your specific TV brand seem challenging. You can use the TV model number to access the user manual online. You can also rely on other Sony TV users to guide you through their community forum. If you face any other persistent hindrances, contact Sony’s or Apple’s customer support, depending on which device has a problem.

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