Sony TV Red Light Blinking (Try These Easy Fixes)

Your Sony TV may have one or more LED lights on the lower front. These lights change colors to signify different conditions or features. The LED lights may turn red to indicate a system issue with the TV or Green/White to mean that the TV is starting up.

The LED light on your Sony TV has meaning for every color it displays, including the number of times it flashes. For example, the red LED light may flash 2 to 14 times, with each number of flashes having a different significance.

If the red LED on your TV is blinking and the TV is not working as it is supposed to, it means that the TV has detected a problem. In most cases, this will require the assistance of a technician to resolve the issue. However, some user-serviceable errors can be fixed without having to hire a technician.

In this article, we will explore the meaning of different red LED lights on Sony TV plus how to resolve some user-serviceable errors communicated by the red LED light.

Sony TV Red Light Blinking


A different number of red-light blinks indicates a different type of problem.

If the red light on your SONY TV blinks, you could try some standard troubleshooting procedures before contacting an authorized technician. You can try three things: 

Restart the TV (Power Reset).

Reset the TV (Hard Reset).

Clean the vents on the back and bottom of your TV.

These fixes usually help if the light is blinking 3 or 6 times. Other red-light blinking sequences indicate more serious issues and usually require professional assistance. 

Common Sony TV Red Light Error Codes

As previously mentioned, when your Sony TV starts flashing red light, it means there has been an error of some kind. By counting the number of times the light blinks, you can determine exactly what kind of error has occurred.

In most cases, some of the red LED light errors can be fixed with a hard reset or factory reset. However, if the hard reset or factory reset fails, the circuit board associated with the error needs to be replaced.

Below is the number of possible red LED light flashes on a Sony TV with their meaning.

  • 2 red-light blinks: Power board has failed due to power supply issues
  • 3 red-light blinks: The power board or the motherboard has failed. If there is no noticeable problem with the standby voltages, the problem is with the motherboard.
  • 4 red-light blinks: There is an existing power supply issue with the power board.
  • 5 red-light blinks: There is a fault in the inverter board or in the LCD panel
  • 6 red-light blinks: A backlight problem

SONY TV Six Red-Light Blinks – Temporary Fix

  • 7 red-light blinks: The TV is overheating, causing issues with the motherboard.
  • 8 red-light blinks: An audio error that can be traced from the motherboard
  • 9 red-light blinks: Internal fan error
  • 10 red-light blinks: A digital FE error that can be traced from the motherboard
  • 11 red-light blinks: An existing trident error
  • 12 red-light blinks: A timing control error that is affecting the LCD panel or the T-Con board 

SONY TV 12 (or 14) Red-Light Blinks – Common Fix (T-Con Board Replacement)

  • 13 red-light blinks: Improper backlight balance. The error could be related to the LCD panel or the inverter boards. 
  • 14 red-light blinks: An HFR error that is arising either from the LCD panel or from the T-Con board.

Sony TV Red Light Blinking – Official Troubleshooting Guide by Sony

General Red-Light Troubleshooting Tips

1. Power Reset

If you’re having trouble with your Sony smart TV, and it’s flashing red light 3 times or 6 times, try resetting it. A power reset often resolves any glitches or malfunctions that may be causing problems.

Simply follow the steps below to power reset your Sony TV.

1) Switch off the TV and allow it to cool down for at least 5 minutes.

2) Unplug the Sony TV power cord from the power outlet or surge protector.

3) Wait for 60 seconds.

4) Then plug the TV back into the power source without using a power strip or a surge protector.

5) After the TV power cord is firmly connected to the power source,

6) Turn on your TV and see if the problem persists.

2. Hard Reset Your Sony TV

A hard reset may be a possible solution if your Sony TV is displaying a red light that blinks 3 times or 6 times. If you have already attempted a power reset without success, try performing a hard reset on your TV. This process will revert your TV back to factory default settings, clearing all malfunctions in the process. To do this, follow the steps below.

1) First, ensure that your TV is OFF and unplugged from the power source before you start the hard-reset process.

2) Then, press down and hold the power button and the volume button simultaneously on the original Sony TV remote control.

3) Plug the TV back into the power

4) Continue pressing the two buttons at the same time until a green light, and the reset option appears.

5) Follow the reset instruction on the screen to complete the process.

6) A power reset process can also be performed without using the remote control

7) Simply locate and press the built-in power button and volume button down before plugging in the TV to the power source.

8) Continue pressing down the two buttons until a green light appears on the screen or when the rest process begins.

Check the attached video below for a step-by-step process.

How to Perform a Hard Reset on a Sony TV

3. Clean the Vents of Your Sony TV

As your television runs, dirt and debris will slowly build up in the vents. This can cause your TV to overheat, which may then damage the backlights. To keep your television running smoothly, Sony recommends that you clean the vents at least once a month.

You can use a clean cloth to wipe down the vents, or for a more thorough cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

Clean the Vents

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I fix my TV from blinking red?

Answer: To fix the red light blinking on your Sony TV, check with the user manual to understand the meaning behind the number of red-light blinks. If the red-light blinks mean that the TV is overheating or that it is having a problem with the backlights, a simple reset of hard reset can solve the red-light issue.

However, if the red blinks are caused by a more technical issue, contact the Sony support center for more technical support.

Question: Why is my TV power light blinking red?

Answer: The blinking red light you are observing on your TV could mean that your TV is either receiving excess or insufficient power. This can happen if the power switch is faulty or if your TV is accessing low voltage.

Question: How do I fix the red light on my Sony Bravia TV?

Answer: Most Sony Red-light Codes require a technician to fix them. Nonetheless, you can power reset or hard reset your TV to fix some red-light issues. If a power reset or hard reset fails, contact the nearest Sony service center for expert support.

Question: Why is my Sony Bravia TV blinking red 4 times?

Answer: A 4-red-light-blink code on your Sony TV means that either the back-lights inverter has a problem or the backlist in the LCD panel is malfunctioning. If there I a problem with the LD board or the Logic board, your Sony TV can flash a red light four times.

Question: Can a Sony Bravia be repaired?

Answer: Yes, a Sony Bravia TV can be repaired. You will need to contact the Sony service center near you to arrange for a cost-effective out-of-warranty repair on your Sony TV.

Final Thoughts

Sony TVs are often thought of as being a trustworthy and reliable brand. However, they sometimes have issues.

If your Sony TV is still blinking red after trying all the standard troubleshooting methods mentioned above, it can be a sign that the TV is experiencing a serious technical issue that will require the help of a technician. In many cases, a flashing red light that indicates a serious problem is a result of normal wear and tear.

An authorized repair center or a Sony service center should be able to sort you out.

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