Samsung Smart TV Remote Is Not Working (What to Do If Your Samsung Smart TV Remote Is Not Working)

If the remote control for your Samsung smart TV isn’t working, there’s no reason to panic. We have a great guide with plenty of solutions that will help you repair your remote. Within the next few minutes, you’ll find the easiest ways to fix your Samsung smart TV remote in no time!

Samsung Smart TV Remote Is Not Working

How to Fix Your Samsung Smart TV Remote Control

1. Reset the Samsung Smart TV Remote Control

The process of resetting your smart remote control depends on the type of Samsung TV that you have. For most remotes, you’ll have to remove the batteries and then press the Power button for around ten seconds (some sources even suggest up to 1min). After that, you can put the batteries back and test out the gadget.

How to Reset Samsung TV Remote

Users that have specific Samsung TVs listed below will have to press the Return and the Enter/Select buttons at the same time for around 10 seconds. The Enter/Select button is located diagonally up and to the right of the Return button.

Enter/Select buttons

Then, they can put the batteries back into the remote and pair it with the TV once again. Samsung TVs with remote controls that can be reset in this manner are models from the 2021 QLED, 2021 Neo QLED, and 2021 Frame TV series. Here are their codes:

  • LS03A
  • Q60A
  • Q70A
  • Q80A
  • QN700A
  • QN800A
  • QN85A
  • QN900A
  • QN90A
  • QN95A

How to Reset Samsung Smart TV Remote (2021 QLED and Frame TV Models)

2. Replace the Batteries on Your Remote Control

Even if you think that your batteries are not to blame for the issues you’re experiencing, you should replace them just in case. It’s best that you stay away from rechargeable batteries and always use a pair that came in a pack instead of individual ones. In addition, you should avoid replacing just one battery at a time. 

Removing the Battery from the Samsung TV Smart Remote Control

It’s essential that you open your battery compartment carefully to avoid damaging the compartment. Depending on the type of remote that you own, you have two ways to open the compartment. In case you aren’t sure which method to choose, you can always take the manual your remote came with and check the process there. 

Method 1: Opening the Battery Compartment Without the Button at the Back

If you don’t see an arrow button at the back of your remote control, you can open your remote the same way as you would the regular remote control. You should push the compartment door forward using your thumb while holding the remote in your hands. Then, you can remove the batteries.

When you’re placing new batteries, or putting the old ones back, you should make sure that you position them correctly based on the polarities marked in the compartment. You will then be able to close the compartment by sliding the door back in.

How to Replace Batteries on a Samsung Smart TV Remote

Method 2:  Opening the Battery Compartment with the Button at the Back

In case your remote control has the Arrow button at the back of the gadget, your first step will be pressing the button. Then, you should turn the remote over and slide its body upwards. The battery compartment will reveal itself at the front of the remote control.

You will remove the batteries by pressing the left and right arrow buttons on both sides of the compartment. After that, you can take out the batteries. Once you put them back in, you should hold the button at the top and slide the body of the Samsung TV remote control back to its original position. 

3. Pair the Remote Control with the Samsung TV Once Again

Resetting your remote control will likely unpair it from your Samsung TV. Thus, you’ll have to pair your gadget with the TV once again.  After resetting your remote, you should come closer to the TV. It’s best that you stand within one foot of the Samsung TV. Then, you should hold the Return and the Play/Pause buttons at the same time for around 10 seconds. A message will appear on the TV informing you that the connection between the remote control and the TV is established. 

How to pair Your Samsung Smart Remote with Your TV

4. Reset the Samsung Smart TV

If you are unable to pair your Samsung smart TV with the remote control, the last thing you can do is reset the Samsung TV. You’ll do that by turning the TV off and unplugging it from the power source. You should wait for a minute or two before plugging the smart TV back in. Then, you can take the remote and get closer to the TV. It’s time to again press the Return and Play/Pause buttons for around 10 seconds to see if your TV is paired with the remote. 

Performing a Factory Reset on the Samsung TV

A factory reset of your Samsung smart TV should be used as a last resort. Samsung recommends contacting customer support before doing this process. Still, it could remove improperly set up features that may be causing issues between the TV and your remote control so it’s worth trying out.

To perform a factory reset, you’ll have to go to the Settings of your TV. Since your remote is not working, you can either use the buttons on the back/bottom of your TV (if your TV has any) or an external USB keyboard to navigate through settings. Next, you should select General and choose Reset. The TV will then ask you to enter your PIN.

If you haven’t changed it, it should be 0000. In case that’s not your PIN, you’ve likely changed it at some point. You can also look for the PIN in your manual. You can then press Reset and confirm your decision. Your TV should automatically restart. If your model doesn’t have these options, you should go to its settings and choose Support. Then, you’ll need to select Self Diagnosis and find the Reset option in the menu. 

How to Factory Reset a Samsung Smart TV without a Remote

In Conclusion

Hopefully, our quick guide on fixing your Samsung smart TV remote control has helped you solve the remote issue. If it hasn’t, it might be best to contact Samsung customer support and report your problem. But check out the video below before that. Surprisingly, this worked for so many people. It might work for you as well. 

Silly Fix that Might Work for any Remote

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