Sony BRAVIA TV Remote is Not Working (Easy Ways to Fix Your Sony Remote Control)

A few things are more annoying than a malfunctioning TV remote. luckily, we are here to help you fix the issue. Today we’re bringing you the most common reasons why your Sony BRAVIA remote control is not working properly and ways to solve the problem!

Sony BRAVIA TV Remote is Not Working

The Most Common Reasons Why Your Sony BRAVIA TV Remote is Not Working

1. The TV is Not Working Properly

Before you start poking around your remote, it’s wise to check whether your TV is to blame for the issues you’re experiencing. The easiest way to do that is to simply use the Power button that’s located on your TV to turn it on. If your TV also has buttons for changing channels on the back or on the side, you can also use these, just to make sure that the TV is definitely working.

In case everything is functioning properly, then you can move on to dealing with possible problems with your Sony TV remote. If the TV is not working properly, and you still have problems controlling it, you might want to reset your TV to factory defaults. To learn how to do that without using your remote, watch the video below.

How to Factory Reset Your Sony BRAVIA TV Without the Remote

Note: It’s probably a good idea to go through other suggested solutions in this post before resetting your TV. Factory reset is simply too invasive. After the reset, you will have to reinstall all the apps, log into each app, reconnect to Wi-Fi, and readjust all the custom-made settings. So, use factory reset as a last resort. 

2. The Sony TV Remote is Damaged

Minor damage to your remote shouldn’t cause problems. However, if the damage is bigger, it could be affecting the functioning of the remote. That is why you’ll need to examine the state of your remote to check whether it’s in good shape. What’s more, you should make sure that none of the buttons is jammed.

In case you suspect your gadget is damaged beyond repair, you’ll need to replace it. Alternatively, you could replace some of its parts. You can find parts for Sony TV remotes on Amazon or you can go to the Parts and Accessories section of the official Sony website and order the replacements there. 

Sony TV Remote Not Working – Official Sony Troubleshooting Guide

3. The Sony TV Remote is Too Dirty

Dirt and debris can get stuck between the buttons and other parts of the remote and cause issues with performance. To avoid that, you should clean your TV remote regularly. You’ll do that by simply removing the batteries and cleaning the remote using alcohol.

You should use a soft cloth to clean the whole remote and then a cotton swab to make sure that every button on the remote is clean. After that, you can wait for an hour or two for the device to completely dry off and put the batteries back in. 

Try This Trivial Fix – It Might Work

4. You Are Too Far Away from the TV

Today’s remotes usually work well even if you’re far away from the IR sensor of the TV. but, over time, their effectiveness reduces, which is why it’s wise to get closer to your TV before you start pressing buttons on the remote. In most cases, that should do the trick.

Sony recommends every user be within 3 to 10 feet of the TV when they’re using the remote. The older the remote, the shorter distance between you and the TV should be. 

5. Something is Weakening the IR Signal 

Your remote is likely working on the infrared light signals that could become weaker or completely blocked by various objects. Some of the items that may be causing the issue are indoor plants and glass doors.

Thus, you should remove the possible interference and try to use the remote again. Furthermore, it’s best to keep your TV remote away from the bright lights and to never leave it exposed to direct sunlight, as that could make it less effective over time. 

Remove the objects that might be blocking the IR sensor on your BRAVIA TV

Remove the objects that might be blocking the IR sensor on your BRAVIA TV (image source – Sony YouTube Channel)

6. There is a Problem with the Remote’s Functions

Regardless of the type of issue with your remote’s functions, you should be able to get your gadget to work properly again in a few simple steps. First of all, you could try fixing the issue by replacing the batteries. You should never opt for used batteries or rechargeable ones for your Sony remote control. 

Moreover, you can reset your remote control. To do that, you’ll have to remove the batteries and hold the Power button on the remote. In case the button is not working, you should press every button on the remote twice to reset it.

Next, you should put the batteries back in. You should leave your batteries outside the remote for a minute or two before putting them back in. You can then test the remote out.

You could also try un-pairing and re-pairing your SONY BRAVIA remote. Watch the video below for instructions.

How to Unpair and Re-Pair Your Sony BRAVIA TV Remote with Your TV

7. The TV is Not Responding to the Remote After a Software Update

Some Sony BRAVIA TVs are having trouble connecting to the remote after a software update. In most cases, that will be solved by disconnecting every device from the TV. Then, you should disconnect the AC power cord and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in.

You’ll then have to find the Home button on the remote and go to Settings. Next, you should choose System Settings and click on Channel Setup. After that, you’ll need to click on Digital Setup and press Technical Setup. There, you’ll see the Service Replacement menu. You should set it to OFF and test out the remote. 

If none of that works, you can reset the TV. By resetting the TV or the A/V receiver and amplifier you’re using, you’ll be removing settings that may be causing problems for the remote. Then, you can check whether the remote is working.

You could also remove any cable that’s connecting another device to the TV. Additional devices can sometimes disrupt the connection between the remote and the Sony TV. After you disconnect additional gadgets, you can try using the remote to see if the issue is fixed.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – the most common reasons why your Sony BRAVIA TV remote is not working and the easiest ways to fix your problem. We hope that you now have a fully functioning TV remote! If you don’t, there are a few options to explore. In case your remote control is out of warranty, you can order a new one.

You’ll find the ones compatible with your device by going to the Parts and Accessories section on the official Sony website. If it’s still in warranty, you should visit the Product Repair section of the website and seek help there.

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