Samsung TV Remote Not Working (Troubleshooting Tips)

If you have a regular Samsung TV remote, you might think there isn’t much you can do when it stops working except replace it. But, that’s not true! We have seven simple tips that will help you repair your remote control or at least find the source of the issue so you can fix it more easily!

Samsung TV Remote Not Working

Tip No. 1: Remove Possible Electronic Glitches

If you have a regular remote control and not the smart one, you won’t be able to reset it to remove glitches. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do. 

To get rid of any electronic issues that may be causing problems with your remote control, you will first need to remove the batteries from the remote. Then, you should hold any button on the remote for around 20 to 30 seconds. You can then insert the batteries back into your gadget and try using it. 

In case your remote is working properly again, you should keep in mind that your remote is probably prone to these kinds of issues. Thus, you’ll likely have to repeat this process pretty soon. On the upside, your remote is now working and you won’t have to deal with any additional steps to fix it! If your gadget is still non-responsive, you should move to the next tip.

Samsung TV Remote Not Working – Official Samsung Troubleshooting Guide

Tip No. 2: Get Rid of Your Old Batteries

This tip is pretty simple but it would require you to purchase a new set of batteries for your remote control. It’s best to always stay away from rechargeable batteries as they might affect the effectiveness of your gadget. In addition, you should avoid inserting used batteries into your remote. Luckily, a new set of batteries is less expensive than buying a brand new remote. thus, you should try out this tip before moving to anything else. 

Before you spend money on batteries, you’ll need to make sure that you’re purchasing the right size. Once you do, you’ll also have to position them correctly based on their polarity. When the new batteries are successfully inserted into the remote, it’s time to test the remote out! If your Samsung TV remote control continues to face issues with working properly, you have to continue with our guide.

How to Replace Batteries on a Samsung Remote

Tip No. 3: Clean Your Samsung TV Remote Control

Dirt and debris piled up over time will definitely affect the state of your remote control. The buttons could get stuck and the LED light will not be transmitted as effectively. What’s more, dirt in the battery compartment will also have an effect on how your batteries work. So, your next step will be cleaning the remote control!

Before you start, it’s smart to remove the batteries from the remote. Then, you should use a cloth or a paper towel and rubbing alcohol to clean your gadget. You can use a cotton swab to remove the dirt from the buttons. You should spend extra time cleaning the upper edge of the Samsung TV remote as that’s where the LED transmission light is located. 

After you ensure that everything is clean, you can take a cotton ball or the same cloth and clean the battery terminals. It’s best to leave your remote control to dry out for a couple of minutes before putting the batteries back into the gadget. Then, you can test the remote out. If the issue persists, we have a few more tips you can try out.

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Tip No. 4: Remove Any Obstacles

Older remotes will have more issues with connecting to the TV from a greater distance. Thus, you should move closer to the Samsung TV and try using the remote. Furthermore, you should also remove any large appliances and furniture that may be blocking the signal from the remote to the TV. Then, you can test out the remote to see if your issue persists.

Tip No. 5: Test Out the Sensor

In case none of the tips worked, your IR sensor might be to blame for your remote issue. To check the state of the sensor, you’ll need a camera or your phone. You should turn the camera on and aim it at your remote. Then, you should press Record. 

Samsung Care

Source – Samsung Care

When you’re sure that the camera or your phone is recording, you should press any button on the remote. If the IR sensor at the top of the remote is flashing, the sensor is working properly. Thus, your TV is probably the cause of your issue. In case the light isn’t flashing, the remote control is probably faulty and it may be time to replace it.

Tip No. 6: Reboot Your Samsung TV

The issues with the connection between your Samsung TV and the remote will likely be fixed after you perform a simple reboot of your TV. To do that, you’ll need to turn off your TV. Then, you should unplug it from the electrical outlet. You’ll then have to wait for a couple of minutes before plugging the Samsung TV back in. After that, you can test the remote out to see if it’s working.

Tip No. 7: Try Using Another Remote Control

If you have a universal remote control or one that will work with a Samsung TV somewhere around your house, you should use it to test out your TV. In case it’s working, your remote control is definitely to blame for your problem. So, you should buy a new one. 

If the other remote is compatible with your Samsung TV but it’s not working, the TV is probably causing your problem. The last thing you can try before contacting Samsung customer support is resetting your Samsung TV. Since your remote is not working, you will have to use the buttons on the TV (on the back or bottom of your TV), or you could try using a USB keyboard. 

How to Reset a Samsung TV Using a USB Keyboard

Final Thoughts

If you have followed our seven simple tips, your remote should now be working properly! In case you’re still facing the same issue, you’ve at least found the source of your problem and avoided wasting money and time trying to fix it. You can now either invest in a new remote or contact Samsung customer support, explain your situation, and ask for a replacement.

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