LG TV Remote Not Working (Troubleshooting LG TV Remote Control)

Today, we’re bringing you a complete guide on troubleshooting your LG TV remote control. Before you start testing out our tips, you may want to double-check which type of remote you have. Then, you can follow our tips based on your particular model.

LG TV Remote Not Working

How to Differentiate Between the Magic and the Standard LG Remote Control

It’s important to know which type of remote control you have as they operate in a different manner. Moreover, some of our tips won’t work for both types.

The easiest way to check whether you have the LG Magic remote or the regular one is by examining your gadget’s structure. The standard remote is completely flat and doesn’t have a part that’s sticking out. On the other hand, the Magic remote control has a trackball in the center. On the TV screen, it will appear as a pointer when you’re using it.

LG Magic remote

How to Fix your LG TV Remote

1. Remove the Batteries

Regardless of the type of remote you own, removing its batteries could help your gadget to start working again. You’ll simply need to remove the batteries from the compartment, wait a few minutes, and put them back in. In case that doesn’t work, you should consider replacing your batteries with new ones.

LG recommends users opt for non-rechargeable batteries and never mix old and new ones. When you’re putting your new batteries in the remote, you should make sure that you place them to match the polarities written inside the compartment.

How to Troubleshoot Your LG Magic Remote

2. Clear the Space Between the LG TV and the Remote Control

The main reason you need a clear line of sight between your LG TV and the remote is because of the Infrared light that your remote control emits. If something is in the way of your remote and is blocking the light, your TV won’t be able to receive the signal and the connection will be more difficult to achieve. So, the best thing you can do to “fix” your remote and make it more efficient is to remove any large obstacles that are standing in the way.

In addition, you should clean your remote every now and then and spend a bit more time on the upper part, as that’s where the IR sensor is. Dirt and debris could affect the functioning of the remote, especially if it’s around the IR sensor.

Therefore, you should make a habit of cleaning the remote using alcohol and a cloth. To ensure that everything is squeaky clean, you can take a cotton swab and clean all of the buttons as well as the space around the IR sensor.

How to Fix LG Remote Power Button Not Working

3.Re-Register the Magic Remote Control

Your Magic remote control has to be re-registered every time you take out its batteries. What’s more, you can use this method to remove any improperly set up configurations that might make it difficult for your Magic remote control to function properly.

Before you start the re-registering process, you’ll need to disconnect your remote from the LG TV. You’ll do that by taking the remote control and pressing the Home button and the Back button at the same time. You should wait until you see the red LED light blinking to release the buttons. The remote control is now disconnected from the LG device.

LG TV Remote

You’ll connect your remote control to the LG device again by pressing the mouse pointer key, which is located below the D-Pad. For models without this key, you’ll have to press the scroll wheel. You can now test out the remote control as the re-registering process is over.

In case it still doesn’t work, you should repeat these steps a few more times. If the issue persists, you should contact customer support or consider replacing your remote control.

How to Reset and Reconnect Your LG TV Remote to Your LG TV

4. Reset the LG TV Back to Its Original Settings

Your remote control might not be the source of your issue. At some point, you might have poked around your LG TV settings and configured something that is now causing problems with the remote control. That is why reverting the TV back to its original settings may solve the issue you’re experiencing.

To do that, you should use the remote to reach the menu. However, since your remote is not working, you could try connecting a USB keyboard (or a wireless keyboard) to your TV and use it instead of the remote. Or, you could try using your phone as a remote by installing a compatible remote app

How to Connect a Keyboard to Your LG TV

After connecting a keyboard or setting up the app, you should be able to click on Settings and go to All Settings. After that, you should choose Support. When the support menu appears, you’ll need to find the General portion of the settings. In that section, you’ll be able to choose to reset the TV to its initial settings.

If you don’t see it, select System, and then look for Reset to initial settings. You should confirm your choice. In most cases, your TV will ask you for a password. If you haven’t changed it, you should go with the default one, which is 0000. On older TVs, the path may vary slightly, but in the end, you should always find the Reset option. 

How to Reset an LG TV Smart TV

Final Thoughts

If you followed our guide to fixing the LG TV remote, you should now have a fully functioning remote that’s ready for use! In case you didn’t manage to repair your remote, you should consider replacing it. You can visit the Accessories section of the LG website to find a high-quality replacement.


Question: How to Reset My LG TV Magic Remote?

Answer: You can reset your LG TV remote with the help of the Back and Home buttons. You should push these two buttons at the same time and continue pressing them until the LED light on the remote starts blinking. That shouldn’t take no longer than ten seconds. The remote control will then be reset. You can then re-register your Magic remote control to link it back to your LG TV.

Question: My LG TV Is Not Responding to My Remote. What Should I Do?

Answer: There are many reasons why your LG TV is not responding to the remote control. The batteries may be empty and it might be time to replace them. Furthermore, you could perform a power cycle on the TV to restore the connection with the remote. Removing any large obstacles between your TV and the remote will also help with getting the connection back.

Question: How Do I Unlock My LG Remote?

Answer: The LG TV remote doesn’t have a lock feature. Thus, you’re likely having issues with the locked LG TV. If you haven’t changed the default password, typing 0000 should unlock your TV. To remove the lock feature, you’ll have to go to the menu and then find the Lock section. After that, you should click on Key Lock and choose Off.

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