Apple TV Remote Not Working (Troubleshooting Guide)

Is your Apple TV remote not responding to the commands? Don’t panic just yet as there may be a way to avoid spending a lot of money on a new one. Simply follow our quick tips and your Apple TV remote should start working again!

Apple TV Remote Not Working

Fix Your Apple TV Remote by Solving Potential Apple TV Issues

Your Apple TV might be at fault for the problems you’re experiencing. That is why it’s smart to perform a simple restart on the device before you proceed. To do that, you should unplug your device from the power source and wait for a minute or two. Then, you can plug the TV back in and check whether the remote control is working.

If it isn’t, you should move closer to the TV. While the remote should be working even if you’re far from the TV, different appliances and furniture in your household can disrupt the signal. So, you shouldn’t be further than three feet away from the TV when you’re using the remote.

Updating the Apple TV

In case the problem persists, it might be time to update your Apple TV. Just like with any other device, outdated firmware may lead to various performance issues including issues connecting to the remote. Thus, you should check whether there is an update available for your Apple TV. For that, you will use your iPhone instead of the remote, since the actual remote is not working.

How to Use an iPhone as an Apple TV Remote

If you own the third-generation Apple TV, you’ll check for any updates by going to the settings. Then, you should click on General and choose Software Updates. You will then be able to see whether there is an update you can download as well as switch to the Update Automatically option so you don’t have to go through the whole process again.

Users with an Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD will also need to go to the settings of the TV. after that, they should choose the System option and click on Software Updates. After choosing the Update Software option, they will be able to download and install a new version. In the Software Updates section, you can also switch to automatic updates.

How to Update Your Apple TV

Fixing the Issue on a Regular Apple TV Remote

1. Resetting the Connection with the Apple TV

If you have a regular Apple TV remote, which is the aluminum or white one, you can start the process of solving the problem by resetting the connection with the Apple TV. That is done by unlinking the remote from the TV. Firstly, you should click on the Menu button and the Left Arrow button on the remote at the same time for about ten seconds.

click on the Menu button

The Apple TV will then offer you the option to Unlink your remote among other settings. You should choose that option. It’s best to wait for a minute or two before linking the gadget again. The easiest way to link the remote to the Apple TV is to hold the Menu button and the Right Arrow one for a couple of seconds. Then, you should choose the Link option among the remote settings on the Apple TV.

How to Unlink Your Apple TV Remote from Your Apple TV

2. Replacing the Battery on the Apple Remote

Most of the remote issues you’re experiencing will be solved by replacing your battery. In case you have the aluminum Apple TV remote, you should look for a CR2032 or BR2032 battery.

Your first step is to turn the remote and find the battery component on the back. Then, you can take a coin to turn the door counterclockwise. Once the door opens, you should remove the battery and replace it with a new one.

Users with the white Apple remote should purchase a CR2032 battery. You will see the battery compartment on the bottom of the remote. you’ll need a pin or a paper clip to press the release button to open the battery tray. Then, you should remove the battery and replace it with a new one. When you’re done, you can push the tray back in. You’ll know that the doors are closed when you hear a click.

How to Replace a Battery on an Apple TV Remote (Aluminum and White Apple Remote)

Fixing the Problem on a Siri Remote (1st and 2nd Generation)

1. Resetting the Connection with the Apple TV

If you have a Siri remote that is either black or grey with a power button, the troubleshooting process will be a bit different. Before you start with the troubleshooting, it’s wise to double-check whether your Apple TV has the right update. For second-generation Siri and Apple TV remotes, your device should run on the tvOS 14.5 or a newer version. Since you can’t use your remote to check that, you will have to use your iPhone.

If your TV runs on the latest version, you should try resetting the connection with the Apple TV. You will have to hold the TV/Control Center button and the Volume Down button at the same time for a few seconds. It’s time to stop pressing them when the status light on the Apple TV turns on and off.

You should then wait for around 20 seconds. You’ll see a Connection Lost message on the Apple TV. Your remote will then restart and connect to the Apple TV again. The process will be over when you see the Connected message on the screen.

Siri and Apple TV remotes

In case you’re still experiencing issues, you should get closer to the TV and try again. You can also try pairing the remote with your Apple device once again by holding the Menu or the Back button at the same time as the Volume Up buttons. After a few seconds, your Apple TV will start pairing with the remote. Some TVs may require you to place the remote on top of them to complete the pairing process.

2. Recharging the Battery on the Apple or Siri Remotes

If you have a remote with a non-replaceable battery and you suspect that there’s an issue with it, you should simply recharge it. Apple recommends charging your TV remote for at least half an hour before testing it out.

Crazy Fix that Might Work

In Conclusion

As you can see, the process of getting your Apple TV remote to start working again won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. If you’re still experiencing the same issues, you may have to contact Apple customer support or find a replacement on the official Apple website.

Fixing Apple TV Remote – Troubleshooting Tips

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