How to Change Inputs on Vizio TV Without Remote? (4 Easy Methods)

Vizio TVs are an exceptional brand of TVs for various reasons. The TVs have high-quality displays and use the SmartCast platform that incorporates Vizio’s Watchfree+, an array of over 500 free channels. The TVs can also be connected to other devices and work as displays. For instance, you can connect the TV to your laptop, PlayStation, or DVD player in just a few simple steps.

Vizio TVs require one to have a remote so they can access all of the TV’s features. But sometimes, you might misplace the remote and wish to navigate the various menu options, change the channel, etc. without the remote. So, this article describes the various methods you can use to change Inputs on the TV without the remote control. Read on to find out the other available alternatives. 

How to Change Inputs on Vizio TV Without Remote


The easiest way to change the input on a VIZIO TV is, obviously, the remote. If you’ve lost yours or if it’s broken, consider buying a replacement remote.

The first alternative for changing input on a VIZIO TV without a remote is using the physical buttons on the TV. Older models have 4 buttons on the back of the TV – the last one is the input button. Newer models have only one button located at the bottom of the TV beneath the sensor. Press this button shortly to change the input. If you press it longer, you may turn off your TV, so be careful.

The second alternative is using the VIZIO Mobile app to change the input on your VIZIO TV. However, to use this app, you need your phone and your TV connected to the same Wi-Fi. 

Change Inputs Using Buttons on the TV

The easiest way to change your TV’s Inputs in case you misplace the remote is to use the installed Input button on the TV. The button is usually located in two distinct areas depending on the model of your TV. 

Some Vizio TVs have the Input button on the back panel and the power and Volume adjusting buttons. 

Specifically, the Input button is located in the lower right corner of the back of the TV, close to the HDMI Input ports. 

There are three buttons arranged vertically and the first button from the top is the power button, followed by the Volume adjusting buttons, then the Input button. 

Input button

You change Inputs by pressing the Input button once to reveal the Input Menu, then press it again to cycle through the various available Inputs. 

Some Vizio TVs do not have buttons on the back panel, which means the Input button is not located there either. 

However, have no worries, as the power button also works as the Input button. Such TVs have the power/Input button on the bottom left corner, assuming the TV screen is facing you. The button is located under the remote’s sensor on the TV.

To change Inputs using this button, press it once when the TV is on, and the TV will switch to another Input; if you press it again, it will go to another Input, and so on. 

Power Input Button

Be careful not to long press the button as that will switch the TV off or factory reset it. 

Change Inputs Using the Vizio Mobile App

Vizio has an app that can help you control various aspects of the TV. The Vizio Mobile App is available on both the Play store and App Store

Therefore, you can use it to change Inputs, adjust the Volume and adjust some TV settings. 

Simply download the app, launch it on your phone, and remember to ensure the phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the TV

If the TV is disconnected from the Wi-Fi network, you can try connecting it to your router via an Ethernet cable and then link the app to your TV. Using an Ethernet cable on the TV and connecting your phone to the same router’s Wi-Fi makes it easier for the app to find your TV on the network. 

Pairing the VIZIO Mobile App with Your VIZIO TV

Once you launch the app, it will prompt you to create an account or to use it in guest mode. You should create an account to access all the app’s features. 

Then the app will prompt you to search for nearby devices, and you can select your TV. Once you do, the phone will begin pairing with the TV, and you will see a four-digit code on the TV. 

Enter the code into the app when the phone prompts you, and you will have connected the two. You can now press the Input option on the app to reveal the Input Menu on the TV, then select whatever Input you want. 

Input Menu

Change Inputs Using a Universal Remote

Another option is to purchase a universal remote if you cannot access the remote that came with your Vizio TV. There are a lot of universal remotes available in online stores and even in stores around you.

These remotes require you to set them up depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. Therefore, you can purchase a universal remote, pair it with the TV if any pairing is necessary, and use it as the TV remote. 

Before purchasing a universal remote, research and read reviews of other Vizio TV owners to determine what remote will work best for you, alternatively, you can purchase a replacement remote from Vizio and press the Input button to switch inputs.

VIZIO Replacement Remotes

SmartCast Remote (XRT140)

SmartCast Remote (XRT140)

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Voice Remote (XRT260)

Voice Remote (XRT260)

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Does Your Phone Come with an IR Blaster?

Some Android phones are equipped with Infrared (IR) blasters that can send the necessary signal from your phone to the TV and switch Inputs. 

Unfortunately, only a few phones come equipped with IR blasters these days, but it will not hurt to check if yours does. You can look up your phone’s specifications online or in the manual. 

If the phone has an IR blaster, you can download a third-party Vizio remote app from the play store and check whether it changes Inputs for you. App developers have developed multiple Vizio TV remote apps, and some might not work, so it is important to try more than one. 

Using a remote app on the phone with an IR blaster is easier as you have to download the app and start using it. The only disadvantage is that only a few Android phones incorporate IR blasters, and iPhones do not have IR blasters. 


Your Vizio TV’s remote is an integral component that will ensure you experience all the TV’s features. For instance, without a remote, you cannot connect the TV to a Wi-Fi network, so you will have problems using the Vizio Mobile App. That is because the device with the Vizio Mobile app needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the TV. 

Fortunately, you can always purchase a replacement from Vizio or any other credible vendor. You can opt for a universal remote. If your TV is already connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can connect your phone to the same network and use the Vizio mobile App. To avoid remote-related problems, take care of the remote and change the batteries often.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you manually change the Input on a Vizio TV?

Answer: You can switch Inputs on a Vizio TV by pressing the Input key on the remote to reveal the TV Input menu. You can then use the left/right navigation keys or the Input key to highlight different Inputs, then press OK. 

Alternatively, you can use the Input button on the TV. The button is on the back of the TV under the Volume down button. On other Vizio TVs, the button is under the TV’s remote sensor on the bottom right edge of the TV panel. 

Press the Input button once to switch to another Input and then again to go to another Input. 

Question: How do I change my Vizio TV to HDMI 1?

Answer: You can change the Vizio TV to HDMI using the Input key on the remote. Press it to reveal the Input Menu, then use the navigation keys to select HDMI 1 and press OK.

You can also press the Input button on the TV; press it once, do not long press, and the TV will switch Inputs, and you can stop once you get to HDMI 1. 

Question: Are there physical buttons on a Vizio TV?

Answer: There are buttons on all VIZIO TVs. Some Vizio TVs have power, volume up and down buttons, and an Input button on the back of the TV. The buttons are on the bottom left end, right under the HDMI ports. 

Some TVs have only the Power/Input button located under the TV’s remote sensor in the bottom left corner (assuming the TV’s screen is facing you) of the TV.

Question: Can I control Vizio TV with a phone?

Answer: You can control a Vizio TV with your phone. You must download the Vizio Mobile app from the Play store or App Store and then link it to your TV. You should ensure the phone and the TV are on the same Wi-Fi network as the TV to link the two successfully.


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