How to Get Dish on Demand Without Internet? (Can You Watch Dish on Demand Without Internet?)

A bad internet connection or the lack of it should not prevent us from watching our favorite TV show. Even without the internet, we should be able to use streaming on our satellite TV.

In this article, we will find out what we can do when there’s no internet and what Dish on demand without internet actually means.

How to Get Dish on Demand Without Internet

Watching Dish on Demand Without Internet

You may watch your typical satellite TV channels that are free for broadcast. This is possible thanks to the antenna, which will receive signals that were previously broadcast over the air.

However, you cannot get Dish on Demand if you do not have access to the internet

But this is not a reason for despair. There’re still things you can do with your Dish without an internet connection

What Can You Do If You Don’t Have Internet?

If you are connected to the internet, you can watch as many as 80,000 channels on Dish on Demand.

But if you do not have access to the internet, you don’t need to worry, because you will not be deprived of much. With Dish, you may use satellite TV to get access to hundreds of amusing channels. You can watch satellite TV programs at any time, and you don’t need the internet for that at all.

Also, your Digital Video Recorder can be used to record your favorite television programs.

Alternatively, you can rent pay-per-view content and watch it without the internet. The only downside to renting is that you will be unable to download the video content to your hard drive if you don’t have internet access.

Dish Pay-Per-View and On-Demand

If you still want to watch videos or other content offline, then you will have to download the content for later. But you can only do that while you are connected.

In any case, you can also use the Dish anywhere application. You just need to download it to your phone or computer. Thanks to this app, you can watch any content you have recorded. You can even watch it when you are offline, from any location.

Introducing Dish Anywhere

How Does Dish on Demand Work?

For each movie, for example, there is a price to buy or rent. This price is usually listed under the name of each movie. You just need to find the movie you want to watch, press the buy option and choose a payment method. Now you will be able to download the desired movie and watch it later when it suits you. What you can also do is download the movie through the Dish anywhere application, and that way you will be able to watch it at any time.

Dish on Demand

The Benefits of Using Dish on Demand Without Internet

There are a few things you can do with Dish when you don’t have internet. You can watch regular satellite TV channels, you can record shows to your DVR, and you can also use Dish’s pay-per-view service. Thanks to this service you can rent content you want to watch utilizing the satellite signal, instead of using the internet.

Pay-per-view actually means that you pay separately for each show you watch on a certain channel.

What makes the pay-per-view feature special is that you don’t pay for it to be added to your account. You have to pay only when you choose to buy a certain show.

How Can You Rent Titles on Demand Without the Internet?

First, you have to go to channels 1 or 501. You will notice the On-Demand Guide. After choosing the channel and getting the Guide, you will be sent to a page where you can select the on-demand content you want to rent. Additionally, before continuing, keep in mind that only receivers with an embedded Hard Disk Drive (HDD) can rent the disc.

Does Netflix Work on Your TV Offline?

Without the internet, you can’t watch Netflix content. Netflix provides you with the ability to watch movies and TV shows offline, but you have to download the titles that you want to watch. To download them, you have to be connected to the internet.

How Much Data Is Needed for On-Demand Content?

The amount of data needed for Dish on-demand content mostly depends on two factors – the number of titles you watch (as well as their length) and the resolution of the content (720p/1080p/4K). 

For example, streaming a 720p video will consume up to 1GB/hour. 1080p video will consume 1.5-3 GB per hour, while a 4K video consumes 7-10 GB/hour, depending on the video compression. 

Also, different video resolutions, have different bandwidth requirements. For 1080p videos, 5Mbps is usually the min required bandwidth. 4K videos require 20-25 Mbps


So, to answer the question from the title once again, you can’t watch Dish on Demand without the internet. However, you can still have some fun with Dish, even if you don’t have internet access.

You can watch regular satellite channels, you can watch pay-per-view content, and you can record it to your DVR. Our advice is to always check whether your receiver has enough memory to successfully record/rent content and use it offline.

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