How to Convert Normal TV to Android TV? (Ways to Turn Your Normal TV into Android TV)

Following the digital migration over a decade ago, smart TVs have emerged, and Android TVs have become the standard choice for entertainment. 

These smart TVs are Wi-Fi-enabled and have exceptional streaming capabilities, allowing you to watch your favorite videos on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other related platforms.

Android TVs have pre-installed apps, but you can download and access additional apps to fit your entertainment needs. 

These TVs also allow you to synchronize and control compatible smartphones, tablets, and smart home appliances directly from the set.

As much as Android TVs have become popular, many households remain stuck with their old televisions.

The good news is that your old TV is still useful in this digital era, and you don’t have to discard it. You can easily and affordably convert your normal TV to Android TV. 

This guide explains how to go about it.

How to Convert Normal TV to Android TV

What is the Difference Between a Normal TV and Android TV?

Understanding the differences between a normal TV and Android TV can help you decide whether an upgrade is worth it.

normal TV

A normal TV, sometimes called a dumb TV, is a television that cannot access the internet since it doesn’t have a built-in wireless adapter. The TV does not have smart features, effectively limiting your entertainment options.

An Android TV is a smart TV that runs using the Android operating system. This interactive TV is internet-enabled, allowing you to download apps, stream multimedia, play games, and cast content.

Android TV

While a normal TV offers the basics, Android TVs are smarter and more advanced for a thrilling entertainment experience.

Can You Convert a Normal TV into an Android TV?

You can convert a normal TV into an Android TV. However, you need various tools and gadgets for a seamless upgrade.

These include:

  • Android set-top box
  • HDMI-to-AV connector

Ensure your old TV has at least a composite AV port for audio and video connections for a smooth conversion process. 

HDMI-to-AV adapter

The good news is that older TVs have an AV port as the standard audio-visual connection for external devices.

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Proven Ways to Convert Normal TV to Android TV

1. Using an Android TV Box

There are several ways to convert a normal TV into an Android TV, but one of the quickest options is to use an Android TV box.

Android set-top box

An Android TV box is a Wi-Fi-enabled set-top box with streaming capabilities. It plugs into your regular TV via an HDMI port, instantly converting it into a smart Android TV.

With an Android TV box, you can watch on-demand videos, browse the internet, play games, cast content, and install your favorite apps.

The best part is that Android TV boxes have extra features such as Google Assistant and Chromecast, making them the ultimate gadget for a fulfilling entertainment experience.

Popular Android TV boxes include:

Setting up an Android TV box is surprisingly easy. You don’t need any tech skills. 

Here are the steps:

  • Unpack your new Android TV box
  • Plug the power adapter into the wall outlet and the cord into the Android box
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the Android box
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to your TV’s HDMI port

Setting Up an Android TV Box

If your TV does not have an HDMI port, your only option is to buy an HDMI-to-AV adapter.

  • Turn on your TV and go to video settings
  • Select the correct HDMI input port to access your Android box
  • From the Android box interface, go to settings by selecting the gear icon
  • Select Network & Internet to connect to Wi-Fi
  • Select your Wi-Fi network and enter your password to connect
  • Alternatively, you can connect your box to your network using an Ethernet cable
  • Once connected, you can use the box to access your favorite smart TV apps

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2. Using a Streaming Stick

Another way to convert your normal TV to Android TV is to use a streaming stick such as the Amazon Fire TV stick or Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

These portable media streaming devices work like any other Android TV box, with their design being the only notable difference.

Streaming sticks have a small factor design, and unlike Android TV boxes, they do not require cables to connect to your TV. You only need to plug them into your TV’s HDMI port to start streaming.

Setting up a streaming stick is remarkably easy, given that it works wirelessly. Besides, the process is more or less the same for most brands.

Here are the steps:

  1. Find the HDMI input on the rear/side panel of your TV
  2. Plug the streaming stick into your TV’s HDMI port
  3. Plug the power cable into the streaming stick
  4. Turn on your TV and change the source mode to the appropriate HDMI port
  5. Connect the streaming stick to your Wi-Fi network
  6. Sign in or create an account if required to activate your streaming stick
  7. Customize your home screen as desired
  8. You can now access or download your favorite Android apps

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3. Using Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a streaming device that you can use to convert your normal TV into an Android TV.

Google Chromecast

This streaming media adapter lets you play your favorite online content from any digital TV with an HDMI port.

The latest Chromecast models have Google TV built-in, taking your Android TV experience to the next level.

To set up Google Chromecast, simply:

  1. Plug your Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port
  2. Connect the power cable to the Chromecast and plug it into the power outlet
  3. Turn on your TV and select the appropriate HDMI port
  4. Pair your Chromecast remote control by pressing and holding the back and home buttons simultaneously until you see a flashing light on the remote
  5. Download the Google Home app on your phone or tablet
  6. Sign in or create a Google account
  7. Tap set up Chromecast from the Google Home app
  8. Scan the QR code and follow the setup instructions on your phone
  9. Select your custom services and confirm the summary of your setup
  10. The apps you selected during setup will automatically install on your Chromecast device
  11. Your Chromecast is now ready to use

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You can now enjoy the features of a smart Android TV on your old, normal TV. You only need to purchase a compatible Android TV box and an HDMI-to-AV connector to convert your normal TV to Android TV. Follow our proven tips to bring your old TV back to life.

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